Impressed coldly, Nam Joo Hyuk makes the ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ team laugh with the effect of this sweet scene

: Nam Joo Hyuk effectively made Kim Tae Ri and the personnel of ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ laugh whilst filming this sweet scene in a brand new behind-the-scenes video.
tvN has in the end shared behind-the-scenes moments from the making of the latest episode of the drama “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”. The drama, starring Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri, is known to were in the highlight because it premiered on February 12.
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[SPOILER] In the latest episode, there’s a second when Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) surprises Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) who practices fencing till the night time falls. Baek Yi Jin changed the banana milk that Na Hee Do was ingesting with a brand new one by means of giving him a straw. Na Hee Do was straight away shocked as a result of the banana milk modified.

Nam Joo Hyuk it appears had to repeat this sweet scene whilst filming. At first, Nam Joo Hyuk failed to insert the straw. The good-looking actor appeared embarrassed as a result of he failed to insert a straw.

After the scene was endured, the director once more known as “cut” as a result of Nam Joo Hyuk was conserving again laughter. In that scene, Baek Yi Jin will have to have simply smiled as a result of he controlled to wonder Na Hee Do.

Despite conserving again his laughter, Nam Joo Hyuk nonetheless expressed his strains smartly. Not lengthy after, he straight away burst into laughter after the director discussed “cut”.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s angle effectively made Kim Tae Ri and the personnel laugh too. Although complete of laughter, the scene of Baek Yi Jin giving Na Hee Do a wonder with banana milk was a success.

Meanwhile, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” itself is aired to fill the Saturday and Sunday broadcast slots on tvN and globally thru Netflix. This romantic comedy drama has aired 4 episodes out of a complete of 16.

“Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” tells about the love tale of Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin. The two first met at the age of 18 and 22, and then had a romantic relationship at the age of 21 and 25.

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