In the past, the moment when Veri AFI gave a birthday greeting to Mawar, the ‘ship’ of fans sailed again

Mawar AFI vs Ex-Husband: Many netizens apparently still haven’t moved on. As is known, Mawar and Veri had an arranged marriage when they were contestants for ‘Indosiar Fantasy Academy’ season 1 first.
The issue of the infidelity of Mawar AFI’s ex-husband, Steno Ricardo, surprised the public. The reason is that Mawar and Steno’s household often looks harmonious. Both of them are happier with the presence of their children.
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But surprisingly, Steno actually had the heart to divorce Mawar. The name of Mawar’s babysitter, Susi, was accused of being the third person. Steno is even known to have married Susi shortly after he divorced Mawar.

The incarnation of Nyai Ratu Kidul also said that Mawar was too innocent. The affair between Steno and Susi is said to have been going on for a long time.

Despite being hit, Mawar is now trying to get up. Coinciding with his 36th birthday on Saturday (26/2), he also expressed his hopes. Mawar is very grateful to the people who have supported her.

Interestingly, among many, Veri AFI’s remarks have been in the spotlight. Uploading a photo of himself with Mawar and two other colleagues, Veri edited the portrait quite lively.

The head of the Rose is edited with a crown image, while the bottom of the portrait shows a happy birthday with various emojis.

“Happy Birthday @mysamawar keep strong,” wrote Veri in the caption section. “All the best for you ”

Seeing Veri’s upload, netizens immediately stormed the comments column. Many netizens apparently still haven’t moved on. As is known, Mawar and Veri were matched when they became contestants of the “Indosiar Fantasy Academy” season 1 first.

“Oops, the ship is very x roses sailing again 😍🤪🥰 the ship jokes😂,” teased the @rey***tasha account. “Plis, let’s make a fanbse 😂,” replied the account @sya *** a250. “Cuss… Sailing again… Shipping from the time in the dormitory… 😂😂,” replied the account @shit *** adhif.

“I was in grade 1 junior high school, I liked the very couple and roses 😍 let’s go sailing again 😂❤️,” added the account @_andi***kinah. Seeing the fans’ reactions, Veri joked. “I’m seasick ,” Veri replied laughing.

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