Irita Marriott, the host of Antiques Road Trip, makes an appearance on the current season of the show.

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Irita Marriott, the host of Antiques Road Trip, makes an appearance on the current season of the show.

Irita Marriott is the owner of Irit Marriott Antiques, a full-time antique dealer in the United Kingdom, and the latest BBC Antiques expert on Antiques Road Trip.

She made her debut on the show in a trip across Lincolnshire with antique merchant Timothy Medhurst.

What is Irita Marriott’s age? Her Wikipedia Page Was Examined

There is currently no profile of the Antiques Road Trip host on Wikipedia’s official page.

She was born in Latvia but moved to the United Kingdom when she was in her early twenties. Her actual date of birth has yet to be revealed, but based on our best estimation, she is in her late thirties or early forties.

The dealer is of white ethnicity. Her parents’ names have yet to be revealed.

She graduated from Privet University and has spent the following nine years working in the antiquities market, most recently as a cataloguer and valuer at a prestigious Derbyshire auction house.

She currently works full-time as a decorative antiques specialist, sourcing many of her finds on frequent shopping trips to Europe. She also considered herself a new generation dealer with customers all over the world.

She now has the nationality of an American, according to

Irita Marriott Antiques can be found on Instagram under the handle @iritamarriottantiques. She has a total of 5,480 followers and 387 posts on her Instagram account. She appears to have an automobile obsession, as evidenced by her Instagram photos.

Is Irita Marriott married or unmarried? Get to Know Her Husband

Marriott is, in fact, a married lady. She is the mother of two wonderful sons. Her husband’s surname is still unknown. She most likely wishes to keep her personal life away from social media.

We don’t know when Irita married her spouse because she hasn’t shared any photos from her wedding on social media. The occupation of her husband is still unclear.

There haven’t been any divorce rumours about her on the internet yet. As a result, she is most likely living a happy married life. This section will be updated as soon as we receive confirmation from a reliable source.

She hasn’t yet published any of her family photos on social media. The happy couple lives and works in Bristol, according to

What is Irita Marriott’s net worth? Is She Worth a Million Dollars?

The net worth of Irita Marriot is yet to be identified on the internet. As a result, her net worth has yet to be updated.

An antiques specialist and dealer earns an average of $45,000 each year, with a lifetime earnings of $1,878,660, according to As an antiques expert and dealer, she earns a living. She lives a wealthy lifestyle, as evidenced by her Instagram photos.

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