Is Angelica Duria Leaving Fox News Milwaukee? Retirement Or Temporary Parental Leave

Is Angelica Duria Leaving Fox News Milwaukee? Retirement Or Temporary Parental Leave

Many fans have been asking if Fox News Real Milwaukee’s Amgelics Duria is departing. Find out if she’s retiring or on parental leave by scrolling down.

Is Angelica Duria Leaving Fox News Milwaukee?

Angelica Duria returned to her homeland in the Midwest in October 2010 to join the FOX6 News team. Since her arrival, Angelica has worked on FOX6 in a variety of roles and shifts.

She spent more than two years at FOX6 Wakeup, where she covered some of Wisconsin’s most important news issues. The blizzard of 2011, the Packers’ route to the Super Bowl, the Sikh Temple shooting, and plenty of political coverage, including the weeks-long protests in Madison, the gubernatorial recall, and the Presidential elections in 2012, are all covered.

Angelica Duria’s Age: How Old Is She?

The winter of 2013 may, however, have been the most remarkable. Angelica was reporting on a snowfall when her story “It’s snowing and IT SUCKS HERE” went viral.

She co-hosts @RealMilwaukee at the moment, and fans have been wondering if she’ll be going.

Angelica Duria is departing Fox News after nearly 12 years, according to the most recent report. She will, however, continue to co-host RealMilwaukee as usual.

The news of her departure was carried on the network, and she shared all of her memories with the station where she had worked for more than a decade. She then followed up with a lengthy and passionate Facebook post.

Duria stated on Facebook that she wanted to seek a new profession outside of the journalistic industry. She went on to say that leaving the career she had aspired to since high school was a bittersweet experience.

After more than a decade of watching her, audiences will undoubtedly miss her on screen. On her last day on set, all of her coworkers shared their memories with her.

On her social media sites, people will be able to follow her life as it unfolds.

Angelica Duria’s age is unknown on the internet, however she is believed to be in her 30s.

Angelica grew raised in Elmwood Park, a western Chicago suburb. She also graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism in 2008.

She is also a first-generation Filipino-American and a proud member of the Asian American Journalists Association.

Angelica Duria and her husband Jim have been married for almost a decade. In February 2019, they welcomed a baby girl, and in January 2022, they welcomed a baby boy.

She frequently posts pictures of her children and husband on Instagram. She enjoys spending time with her family whenever she has free time, despite her demanding work.

They often spend time together on vacations and small adventures.

Angelica Duria is leaving Fox News to pursue a career in something other than journalism. She is not taking parental leave, as many have speculated.

After more than a decade in the television industry, Duria has discovered her fame and amassed a large fan following.


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