Antiques Valuer: Izzie Balmer Wikipedia

Izzie Balmer has not been featured on the Wikipedia page.

Balmer is best known for her work as an auctioneer and valuer. On the other hand, the BBC broadcaster was on the point of adopting a completely new career path.

The 32-year-old has appeared on Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow as an auctioneer. She’s also starred on Flog It! and co-hosted the BBC show Street Auction. On the other hand, the antique market was a far cry from her original job choice.

In 2018, the celebrity began her auctioning profession as the Head Valuer at Wessex Auction Rooms.

She now focuses on jewelry and holds two Gemmological Association of Great Britain degrees.

Izzie Balmer Husband: Is She Married?

Izzie Balmer has not stated whether or not she is married; hence it is unknown if she has a husband.

Balmer is not known to have been connected with any sentiments.

Her personal life has remained secret from the public eye. She has also avoided mentioning her relationship on any of her social media profiles.

Balmer posts a few images of her antique collection on social media now and again.

Izzie Balmer New Teeth

According to fans, Izzie Balmer’s teeth appear to be different from normal.

Her dental work appears to have been completed some time ago. Even though she has yet to comment on her new teeth, fans claim that they are unnaturally large and large.

Apart from a set of baby teeth she discovered in a jewelry box in 2018, and there is currently no information on her new teeth.

Izzie Balmer Skin Condition

There are not any rumors or details about Izzie Balmer’s skin problem recently.

Balmer has not stated whether or not she is experiencing any difficulties.

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