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Is Chad Duell Leaving General Hospital? What Happened To Michael Corinthos?

General Hospital is an American television soap opera which have won the award of longest-running soap opera. There are some developments in the show about Chad, fans are concerned about whether Chad Duell is leaving General hospital or not?. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Is Chad Duell Leaving General Hospital? 

What Happened To Michael Corinthos?

Chad Duell is unlikely to leave General Hospital, as he might have stepped off from the role to deal with his own issues. Thus, Chad is likely to be back to the show after sorting out his issues. 

In the meantime, the temporary actor shall be in the role as they are likely to remain in the show to conclude an important narrative. Similarly, Duell had also stepped into the role of Michael after another actor stepped out of the role. 

Initially, it was soap actor Garrett who played the role before Duell, but both of them had auditioned for the same time, after his departure Duell took over the mantle. 

Michael Corinthos did not do anything to Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), but Carly seems to have seen Willow’s eyes, she had a moment of realization that the end of the war had to start at some point. 

However, it does not mean Carly will lose her hearing also audience also thinks that she will not lose her hearing. Also, the judge might take it as a gesture of Nina doing things in Wiley’s best interest which shall help her win the case. 

Overall, the purpose of keeping Wiley from her is to punish her but the circumstance is likely to change in the next episode in relation to Wiley and Chad Duell. 

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