Is Lala Baptiste and Lil Tjay wed? Was He Shot Dead? Wife and Suspected Cause of Death

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Is Lala Baptiste and Lil Tjay wed? Was He Shot Dead? Wife and Suspected Cause of Death

After being shot in the middle of the night, New York rapper Lil Tjay had surgery. Check to see whether Lala Baptiste has made any remarks on the situation.

Lil Tjay was shot, according to a TMZ report that was released on Wednesday, June 22. He needed immediate surgery, so he was brought to the hospital.

His status and the nature of his injuries are still unknown with certainty. Two shootings, one at a Chipotle restaurant and the other at an Exxon gas station, allegedly took place in Edgewater, New Jersey, according to the source.

Each incident had a single victim. In contrast to the victim at Exxon, the Chipotle victim received numerous gunshot wounds. They haven’t disclosed the identity of the second victim or the location of Lil Tjay’s shooting, though.

The Major Crimes Unit of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Edgewater Police Department each released a brief statement on the same incident Wednesday morning. At the time, it was announced that “additional details” would be made public soon.

Is Lala Baptiste Lil Tjay’s wife as of 2022?

Since they haven’t been married yet, Lala Baptiste is not Lil Tjay’s wife. Nevertheless, they have been a couple for a long.

With one million Instagram followers, Baptiste is a social media influencer. The 21-year-old is a native of Georgia in the US.

@lalatheislandgal is the username for her Instagram account. She also has a YouTube channel with 360,000 subscribers where she regularly uploads videos about fashion and daily life.

Rubi Rose, a rapper and model, and Lala are close friends. The pair, however, has recently experienced some turbulence.

Was Lil Tjay shot dead? is the suspected cause of death.
According to the most recent web post, Lil Tjay is having surgery after being shot. Even though he survived the fatal shooting, he was seriously hurt.

All of the case’s specifics have not yet been made public by the police. They are hunting for the offender and the reason for the occurrence that claimed the lives of the victims.

The rapper’s representative is yet to comment on his status. His supporters are asking for prayer for a speedy recovery and an improvement in his health.

Rapper Lil Tjay is American.
Tione Rapper and singer Jayden Merritt, better known by his stage name Lil Tjay, hails from the US. With the release of his song “Resume,” he gained fame in 2018. He later signed with Columbia Records in the same year.

His stage name is a combination of the first letter of his first name and the first three letters of his middle name. 2019 saw the release of Tjay’s first studio album, True 2 Myself.

After a year, he released the mixtape State of Emergency, which mostly included drill musicians from New York City. On the Billboard 200, “True 2 Myself” opened at number 5. It became his first album to chart and peak at position five.

His second studio album, Destined 2 Win, which included the song “Calling My Phone,” was released in 2021. Tjay worked together with the American vocalist 6black.

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