Is Lee Burkhill a Transgender Person? The Sexuality of the Garden Rescue Host

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Is Lee Burkhill a Transgender Person? The Sexuality of the Garden Rescue Host

Lee Burkhill, a multi-award-winning garden designer, garden blogger, vlogger, Garden Rescue TV Presenter, and general plant enthusiast from North West England, joins the cast of the BBC show Garden Rescue.

In his neighborhood, he runs Garden Ninja Garden Design, which provides exceptional garden design services in Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, and Cheshire.

He also has a Garden Ninja YouTube channel and a Garden Ninja blog.

Is Lee Burkhill a man or a woman? Sexuality Is Revealed
Garden Rescue host Lee Burkhill is transsexual, according to In November 2019, he revealed his secret on Twitter, stating that he was bullied as a teen because he was gay. The remark isn’t in his record, and he may have never said anything along those lines.

In any case, several of his past Instagram photographs show him devoting his time to a man, according to They should travel together on a frequent basis. They’re referred to as a couple in several of the comments on the photographs.

In any event, he has not guaranteed that the other man is his romantic interest in any of the photographs he has transmitted. Along these lines, we can assume that he is gay.

There are no tweets in his profile from before 2020, indicating that he may have deleted those tweets.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the way people attack trans individuals, connecting it to the bullying he had as a child.

In 2022, Lee Burkhill will have a new partner.
If the garden expert is married, he must have a husband since he is gay. He is a married man, according to The host refuses to reveal any information about his husband.

Lee enjoys uploading images of his dog Barry on social media, despite his desire to keep his personal life out of the public. On occasion, Lee refers to Barry as his partner.

In addition, on May 12, 2021, Lee tweeted about adopting a younger sibling for Barry.

What is Lee Burkhill’s net worth?
We had no idea how much Lee Burkhll made as a garden designer, to be honest. Currently, a garden designer in the United Kingdom earns around $46k per year. estimates his net worth to be between $1 and $5 million in 2022.

Before becoming a horticulturist and garden designer, Lee worked in the field of computer technology. He worked as a Senior Project Manager in the IT business for about 12 years.

In December 2014, Lee founded Garden Ninja Ltd, a corporation through which he would publish a blog.

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