Is Mam Sonto Leaving Gomora? Is She Going To Die? What Will Happen?

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Gomora is back with its third season, which has more deaths, drama, and revenge. Mam Sonto, who is played by Connie Chiume and has a lot of charm, is one of the main characters who makes the show what it is.

Is Mam Sonto Leaving Gomora? Is She Going To Die? What Will Happen To Mam Sonto?

Last season was scary for fans because the show ended with hints that Mam Sonto was leaving. Fans were grasping at straws, hoping that the main character wouldn’t be killed off because she is the one who keeps the show going.

She seems to have made it through last season, but it looks like death doesn’t leave Mam Sonto alone, since this season has set up a lot for the end of Sonto.

Let’s learn more about the world of Gomora, what the future holds for the head of the Molefe family, and if Sonto will leave Gomora for good this time.

Since season 2, fans have been waiting for Mam Sonto to die, and teasers have hinted that one family will say goodbye to their loved ones. Fans thought it was Sonto in the second season, but it wasn’t.

In season two, she was supposed to die when she was shot, but she lived. With the start of the new season, the rivalry just got worse when she killed Mjay.

Mjay threatens to use Tshiamo as a bargaining chip, so the grandmother shoots him to protect her family. This makes Qhoqhoqho swear that he will kill Mam Sonto to get even for his death.

Fans are worried that the main character might die because of this, but Mam Sonto’s illness is even more shocking. Mam Sonto falls down out of the blue and is thought to be very sick.

Fans did expect the main character to die, but they didn’t think it would be from a serious illness. Everyone thought she would die in a rivalry fight with guns.

But the most recent episodes show that the head of the family is very sick and on her deathbed, but she is still trying to make things right with Thathi.

Mazet is afraid that the misunderstanding between her and Thathi will make her even more stressed out and kill her, so she tells Thathi to come see her and make things right or she will die.

Fans are upset that they are going to end the story of such a strong character with a serious illness, and they want to see more of Mam Sonto on the show Gomora, since she has been there for so long and has made it what it is.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens to Mam Sonto, the fan-favorite character in Gomora, and if the show really does kill her off for good.

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