Is Natalie Kennett Arrested? Without A Crystal Ball Tati Westbrook Defamation Lawsuit

Natalie Kennett got arrested in the Tati Westbrook defamation action on 2 June 2022. The West Merica Police Department has even grabbed her electric devices in the United Kingdom.

Without a Crystal Ball, a drama channel has already come after Tati on multiple occasions, and she isn’t well-liked in the “drama” community; however, Tati has disclosed court papers filed by her former Halo Beauty business partner who is attacking her.

The FBI determined Natalie Kennett is behind the creation of CP: perjury after an EXTREMELY thorough investigation. She is also accused of creating discussion in order to hinder justice.

According to sources, she is alleged of providing further material to smear Katie Joy’s name, submitting fake criminal reports, online harassment, and tormenting the victim’s family.

Tati Westbrook countersued her business associate Natalie, claiming that she never guaranteed that she would create stuff under the Halo Beauty umbrella.

Natalie Kennett Jail Sentence And Mugshot

Natalie Kennett was detained and her equipment confiscated today as a result of the defamation complaint filed by Tati Westbrook.

At present, Kennett’s sentencing and charges have yet to be released by the West Merica Police Department. More information about her detention will be shared as soon as it becomes available from the authorities.

The story of her detention has been spreading on Twitter since early this morning. As per the report, her bail stipulates that she may not own or possess any gadget capable of connecting to the internet and sending any message or image through it.

Katie Joy on Twitter claims Natalie is the perpetrator of thousands of death threats against her family, as well as child pornography using her son’s photos.

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Where Is Natalie Kennett Now?

Natalie Kennett presently has been taken into custody by the West Merica Police Department in the United Kingdom.

As per cyber reports, Police officers detained her in Tati’Westbook’s defamation claim filed years ago. It is also reported that her electronic device has been collected by the authorities.