Is Prager University losing Will Witt? Information About His Girlfriend

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Is Prager University losing Will Witt? Information About His Girlfriend

Is Prager University losing Will Witt?

Will Witt, the host of Prager University, is believed to be leaving, and his followers are interested to find out if the reports are real and, if so, what he will be doing after.

Prager University is an online political and current affairs information site featuring videos and podcasts, not an academic institution offering courses and degrees.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Will Witt’s fiancée

The web portal, which is well-known for its deceptive information that minimises leftists and the problems they bring to light, is the subject of conflicting viewpoints among many people.

Let’s find out more about the rumours, Will Witt’s personal life, and his future aspirations as he is one of PragerU’s most well-liked hosts.

Concerns have been raised by Prager University viewers regarding the departure of their favourite host, Will Witt. The host hasn’t mentioned quitting the stage, and there haven’t been any rumours to that effect.

Will has been working with Prager University for more than four years, and in the recent years, his podcasts and shows dealing with the escalating problems of racism, COVID, and abortion have enjoyed tremendous popularity.

More than 700 million people have viewed the podcaster’s content online, and they appear to adore him. He has published a book since joining the portal and appeared as a cultural analyst on numerous media platforms, including Fox News, Blaze Media, and The Daily Wire.

The influencer is less likely to leave Prager University given the love and support he is receiving for his current work. Additionally, he is working on other initiatives for the portal, such as the Storytime that he recently completed with Will Witt.

After seeing Eva Vlaardingerbroek for less than a year, Will Witt recently got engaged to her in March 2022. Dennis Prager introduced the couple, and they later began dating.

The fiance of the PragerU star has appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight as well as other talk shows.

Eva is a former law student who attended both the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the University of Utrecht. She also received honours for her master’s thesis on “The contractualization of sex in the me-too era,” which she wrote for Leiden University.

Eva is a right-wing activist like her fiancé and has written numerous opinion pieces for newspapers. Both members of the pair hold the same political views, especially those on vaccinations.

On Twitter, Will is seen defending his fiance, removing her anti-COVID vaccine post, and boasting about his anti-vax views.

Eva wanted to work as a researcher in Leiden despite having previously worked for the party Forum for Democracy in the European Parliament in Brussels. The young host, though, quit her job at the University of Leiden to go into politics.

Will Witt may opt to go solo in a few years, like many other influencers, even if the likelihood of him leaving Prager University is quite remote given his continued fame with PragerU.

Many influencers who formerly worked for larger companies have demonstrated this behaviour by becoming independent and building their own brands after accumulating a sizeable fan base. It won’t come as a surprise if Will decides to start his own show unaffiliated with PragerU because he has amassed a sizable fan base by this point.

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