Is Steve Harvey Considering Leaving Family Feud? What Will He Do Next?

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Fans of Family Feud were in tears once more when Steve Harvey shared insights from the Harvey Foundation.

The American game program Family Feud was completely changed by Steve. Two competing families are featured on the show, and they have to complete surveys to earn points.

Richard Dawson, an actor and comedian, hosted the program when it debuted on the ABC network in 1976. During its first season, the show ranked as the top television program. However, when the show was syndicated with several hosts, it gradually started to lose viewers.

The Family Feud has been hosted by celebrities such Louie Anderson (1999–2002), Richard Karn (2002–2006), and John O’Hurley (2006–2010). But once Harvey took over as host in September 2010, the program totally changed.

Does Steve Harvey Have Any Plans to Leave Family Feud?

We are not surprised by the media rumors that Harvey may be considering leaving Family Feud.

No formal statements have been made, but given the comedian Steve’s busy schedule, it’s possible that he may depart the program.

The comic made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he discussed his personal hardships and left both him and his audience in tears. He recalled an incident from a vacation to France with musician Elton John in which the DJ had played the Family Feud theme song and he had realized that everyone was familiar with him.

“I’m a Cleveland native. These performers of the Family Feud theme song are me, coming from nothing “He started to cry.

What Next for Steve Harvey?

On June 23, he will be seen introducing the documentary “Streetlight Harmonies.”

The actor also serves as the host of the Family Feud spin-off Celebrity Family Feud, where celebrities compete for donations to charities. The Steve Harvey Morning Show is a radio humor chat show that he also hosts. Additionally, he has emceed Miss Universe pageants.

In the 1980s, Harvey began his career performing stand-up comedy. He established Steve Harvey Global, his own production firm, in 2017. Family Feud Africa was developed and presented by him as well.

Judge Steve Harvey, a reality court comedy program, is now being hosted by the hilarious figure on ABC. Additionally, he provides youngsters through The Steve & Marjorie Foundation with mentoring.

Steve Harvey Where is he going?

Steve intends to relocate to Georgia and begin production on his program there.

The 65-year-old hosts relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles and hosted all of his shows there. Marjorie Bridges was the woman he was married to. Although his first two marriages did not last, it appears that Marjorie has had a significant impact on how he has lived.

We get the impression that the Emmy winner is still committed to his program. Fans swoon over Steve Harvey’s on-screen charisma and claim that no one else can host Family Feud as well as he can.

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