Is Warden Wayne From Spider Man Lotus Racist?

While the actor has declined about his present self, Warden Wayne from Spider-Man Lotus was heavily involved in racist acts previously.

Following the news of the fan film, screenshots of various racial moments and comments of the actor began circulating on social media.

In those snaps, Wayne’s discriminative comments and heavy use of the N-word are visible and the way he responds to some people also comes on as negative.

As it was spreading on a massive scale, the actor himself spoke on the matter and released a statement where he mentioned peer influence, growing-up issues, and other influences of people on his actions.

Despite this, some individuals are still taking out their frustration on Warden as well as the filmmaker Konop.

Warden Wayne Age And Wikipedia Details

DIscussing Warden Wayne’s age, he appears to be in his early to mid-20s, probably in the range of 20- 30 years old.

His actual age and other personal life details are not detailed in the media as his Wikipedia is still missing to this date.

Wayne on his role as the Spider Man
Wayne on his role as the Spider Man (source :

But guessing from his onscreen and other appearances, the young actor does seem to be in his 20s.

Still, a rising name in the entertainment industry, Wayne is yet to take on some major projects and shine on the big stage.

So, his Wikipedia is still a pending subject as of this date.

Meet Warden Wayne On Twitter

You can find Warden Wayne on Twitter under the user handle @mrwardenwayne.

While his account is not verified, more than 3900 people follow him on this particular social media platform.

Besides Twitter, you can also find the actor on Instagramw with over 19k follwoers.

Apparently, it seems like the man is more active on Twitter and usually interacts with the people on the same platform.

It was on Twitter where the snaps of his racist comments went viral and started circulating all over, collecting criticisms from all over.

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