Isa Zega Proves that he knew Nikita Mirzani for a long time gave him a job, even though he was thought to have gotten along

: Isa Zega just lately uploaded proof that he has known Nikita Mirzani for a long time and even helped him get a task. Still at odds, the two are even thought to have gotten along.
The feud of Nikita Mirzani and Isa Zega or Mami Isa is like never-ending. But apparently, just lately the two had been thought to have gotten again in combination when Mami Isa revealed proof that that they had known each and every different prior to.
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Through her private Instagram account, Mami Isa uploaded an old video the place Niki was signing a paintings contract. Apparently Niki authorized the task with the assist of Mami Isa.

In the video dated December 19 2018, Mami Isa embeds a textual content that reads, “Alhamdulillah, the first job is from mom, son @nikitamirzanimawardi_17, good luck hahaha.”

Mami Isa additionally instructed that Niki purchase a Hermes bag as a result of the cost she won reached masses of tens of millions. “It’s not enough to buy Hermes. Hermes costs 1 billion,” mentioned Niki.

There are no adverse tones as proven through Niki and Mami Isa’s posts in the video. In truth, the two of them appear somewhat acquainted.

“Morning kids online, don’t forget to forget, umm, the petel is not born yet,” wrote Mami Isa in a video uploaded on Friday (25/2).

Because of the video add, netizens thought that Nikita Mirzani and Mami Isa had gotten again in combination, however it grew to become out to be simply a reminiscence. They then discussed Niki’s phrases, who as soon as pretended not to know Mami Isa even though she were helped to get a task.

“I think I’m getting better.. It turns out that the memories are real, right, Mimi, if you like giving work to people. But in peanuts, forget the skin. There’s a lot of them, the ones who were given work but stabbed them with mami,” mentioned the account @yuni **** nchfc. “Well, he said he didn’t know Mami Zega and never greeted him, but this is 😂😂😂,” mentioned the account proprietor @inda****nxhngf. “The real peanut forgot the skin😂,” added @targets***cnhdh.

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