Jennifer Faith, Texas woman was sentenced to life in prison for planning her husband’s death

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Jennifer Faith, a lady from Oak Cliff, admitted to organising the murder in a new federal complaint that was made public on Monday. Faith convinced her boyfriend to kill her husband.

According to reports, Jennifer Faith conned her purported boyfriend into killing her husband through a “depraved and premeditated” scheme that involved convincing him through false emails that she was being abused and needed protection.
In response to the charge of murder-for-hire, Jennifer entered a plea of guilty. She was accused of interfering with the course of justice and engaging in murder for hire while exploiting interstate commerce. In exchange for her plea, the prosecution agreed to drop the obstruction charge and recommend a life sentence.

Jennifer Faith and the suspected gunman had a “full blown emotional affair.”

In October 2020, James Faith, CEO of American Airlines, and Jennifer Lynne Faith, 49, were out walking their dog when shots were fired in a Dallas suburb.
Jennifer Lynne Faith, an Oak Cliff resident who persuaded her boyfriend to kill her husband by shooting him, was given a life term in a federal prison today for planning the homicide.
James was then repeatedly shot by an unidentified man shortly after. Jennifer expressed her shock at what transpired in a split second to local media sources, saying:

God, oh God! I need closure, so if you know what happened, please tell me. I have to understand this somehow.
She made a similar appeal in a TV programme two months later to anyone who might know anything about the incident. She uttered:

“I’m hoping that someday the offender will come to terms with what they’ve done and what they’ve stolen from my daughter and I. He acted as the foundation of our business. Simply devastating, that is.”
Dallas police searched the defendant Jennifer Faith’s cell phone throughout the inquiry and discovered that she was dating the alleged gunman. Darrin Robin Lupez, 49, was named as the man. In a statement, the authorities said:

Jennifer Faith and Darrin Lupez had been having a full-fledged emotional affair and had even discussed their “five-year plan” for getting married.
In her plea agreement, Jennifer Faith allegedly revealed that her lover Darris shot and killed her husband in front of his Oak Cliff home.
Prosecutors played a video of Ms. Faith explaining the murder to a @DallasPD homicide investigator the morning of her husband’s death at her sentencing hearing as evidence.
Jennifer Faith confirmed that she was aware of Lopez’s traumatic brain injury, which left him permanently disabled while he was a member of the American Army in Iraq. Before and after the murder, she used to send him money, gifts, and even two credit cards.

Relationship between Faith and Lupez, US Attorney Chad Meacham stated:

“The manner Jennifer Faith behaved after her husband died made her cold-blooded murderous plot even more terrible. Ms. Faith was communicating with the murderer of her late husband as she was sobbing for him and making plans to cover up their crime.” Jennifer Faith wrote false emails purporting to show that she had been physically abused.
Jennifer, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, opened a Gmail account in her husband’s name in April 2020 and used it to taunt Lopez “multiple times throughout the spring and summer of 2020, detailing extreme physical and s*xual abuse that had never actually occurred” and attach “fake photos of injuries as bogus proof of the abuse.”

She allegedly created a second phoney Gmail account in a friend’s name the following month. The message, which was sent in May 2020, read: “J “After slapping Jen, Mie shared a picture of him strangling her. I’m asking whether you’d be willing to get Jen out of this predicament.”
“I know I won’t feel better about her position until she is out of the house away from him or she lets me put a bullet in a Jamie’s head,” Lopez’s response to the account on May 20 stated.

Later, one of Jennifer’s friends established a GoFundMe account to help the family, but according to the investigators, Jennifer withdrew $58,000 to cover purchases made on two credit cards she gave Mr. Lopez.
The murder’s facts were believed to be pieced together by investigators soon enough, and they eventually managed to extract a confession of guilt.
On May 26, 2022, Jennifer Faith will be sentenced. Lopez has been charged with murder and a related gun crime by both the state and the federal government. She has pleaded not guilty to both charges.

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