Jerinx SID Confesses Bankruptcy Business Until Feeling Failed To Be A Husband, Nora Alexandra Threatens To Divorce

Jerinx SID Suspect of Threat: Jerinx SID learn out seven necessary issues of his plea or his protection memorandum in nowadays’s trial, Tuesday (22/2). After completing studying the pledoi, Jerinx made a promise ahead of the panel of judges.
Jerinx SID learn out a pledoi or memorandum of protection in the trial of the alleged danger via digital media reported by means of social activist Adam Deni. There are 7 necessary issues that have been conveyed by means of Jerinx in this trial at the Central Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (22/2).
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“I have compiled it into seven points, some of which are out of my head and there are some that I have to read as well,” stated Jerinx SID to the panel of judges, as reported by means of Suara.

The first level in the plea, Jerinx alludes to his parents who are getting unwell and their responsibilities as breadwinners to beef up the family. Next, Jerinx tells about the life of his spouse, Nora Alexandra and her emotions of failure as a husband.

“I am an only child, my parents divorced since I was in junior high school. I am the only son who can provide for him. Especially since the pandemic he has lost his job and his diabetes is getting worse and worse,” stated Jerinx.

“I really don’t have the heart and pity to see my wife working alone, especially if I have to bear my life in prison,” he endured.

“I am still a noble newlywed, we were married a few months before the pandemic, our honeymoon plan failed miserably due to the pandemic, I was then jailed for 10 months for criticizing IDI,” endured Jerinx. I.”

Furthermore, in the 3rd level, Jerinx discusses the plan to apply IVF with Nora. He was fearful that he would not have time to give grandchildren to his unwell parents.

“The third point, before I was imprisoned, my wife and I were just about to start the IVF program as an only child, I have a big debt to both parents, namely to give them their first grandchild,” stated Jerinx.

Meanwhile in the fourth level, Jerinx revealed about a number of of its companies that went bankrupt due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He additionally confides that he can’t get income from the Superman Is Dead band as a result of there’s no activity all over the pandemic.

“I’m sorry because most of what I employ are overseas children who are from outside Bali and have to send them to their parents,” stated Jerinx. “Fifthly, as a BNN ambassador, I still want to carry out my task, which is to continue to educate and keep young Balinese and Indonesian generations away from the dangers of narcotics.”

Finally the 6th and 7th issues, Jerinx alluded to his feud with Adam Deni. Because of this case, he and Nora had deliberate to devote suicide.

“I already apologized. I have never touched Adam Deni let alone physically. I did not harm Adam Deni mentally or materially. We almost killed ourselves, my wife and I felt stuck, confused because there was no money, the prison was waiting for us again, my wife and I were really at our lowest point,” defined Jerinx.

“The seventh point, I actually would not have sat in this chair if I could fulfill his (Adam Deni) request of Rp 15 billion. I’m sitting here not because I’m a criminal, evil or sadistic, but because I’m not a millionaire,” stated Jerinx.

After studying the pledoi, Jerinx promised ahead of the panel of judges that he would not talk harshly once more. He additionally stated Nora had threatened to divorce him if he spoke harshly once more.

“I promise I won’t say that or be rude again,” stated Jerinx. “Moreover, my wife said if I said that again, she could divorce me. I am afraid, Your Majesty.”

Jerinx additionally guarantees that he’s going to become a greater individual. “I will rise to become a wiser person, because I am far from my family, it makes me think a lot,” he concluded.

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