Josh McConville: Who Is He? Meet the Elvis Presley Movie Cast

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Josh McConville: Who Is He? Meet the Elvis Presley Movie Cast

Josh McConville is a Sydney-based actor who is 41 years old. In Elvis, he’ll have a recurrent role.

Josh McConville, a 2018 AACTA Best Actor in a Supporting Role nominee, will star in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis biopic.

He portrays Sam Philips, a celebrity who grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi, and went on to dominate Las Vegas.

Josh McConville’s Biographical Information

Josh McConville is a 41-year-old Elvis Presley impersonator who was born on August 10, 1980.

He always admired the great arts as a child in Australia, and he was a member of the school theatre. It was a source of comfort for him when he discovered his true aptitude in acting and decided to pursue a career in the profession.

Josh had previously starred in the Sydney Theatre Company’s Triple X, but things changed after he was cast in a full-length feature-length film.

Meanwhile, he kept his mind occupied by watching films like Don’t Look Up, in which he pondered the state of people’s minds when they refuse to believe scientists’ words.

He also relaxes by listening to peaceful music, particularly Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman and Stuff You Should Know albums.

How much money does Josh McConville have?

The net worth of Australian actor Josh McConville is unknown as of 2022, however it is anticipated to be in the millions.

His acting career began when he was cast as Michael Hurley in the 2009 television series Underbelly, where he continues to appear as a season regular.

According to his IMDb website, he has 37 film and television credits, including roles as Jackson Ciesolka in The Killing Field, Dickson in Cleverman, Sarge in Fantasy Island, and Scott in Wakefield, to mention a few.

His most notable roles to date have been Caleb Snow in the 2017 series Home and Away and his rewarding role in 1%.

He also doesn’t discriminate between characters, as evidenced by his appearances in short films such as The Bus to Birra Birra, Oranges Don’t Grow on Trees, and The Best Man.

Meet Josh McConville’s Girlfriend Or Partner
Josh McConville hasn’t mentioned a girlfriend or a partner, and we don’t think he has one. He talked about the epidemic and quarantining alone in a recent interview, where he had a lot of leisure time for explorations.

He began a new passion of kayaking in Sydney Harbour in addition to reading and listening to music. It all started during the first lockdown, when the desperation to get out was at an all-time high.

After wandering the streets, he came across this lovely bit of water in front of him and immediately thought of a method to make use of it.

It was scary at first to go out into the open sea because he had made it a rule not to get hit and to give way to everything.

He vowed himself not to race a boat since there was no way he could win in an age where everything is about getting ahead of others.

Is Josh active on social media?

Josh McConville isn’t on Instagram or Twitter because he wants his work to speak for itself and doesn’t want to disclose anything about his personal life other than his depictions.

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