Juliette tells in an interview what she did with the one and a half million prize

In an interview with the podcast PODDELAS, the winner of BBB 21 Juliette Freire talks about reputation, career and additionally tells what she did with the 1.5 million prize she received.: Juliette Freire participated in Poddelas this Monday (21), in the interview, he’s nonetheless being used to this life of reputation, since he received the BBB 21 and turned into one of the perfect known folks in the nation. Follow Wikistardom for more famous person, leisure & Hollywood updates.

“Sometimes I push, I talk, let’s do this here and it goes on and on, it works”, he says.
“Don’t get used to it.
I’m learning everything by doing.
We think: it must be very good to win receptions, to be famous, to go to all the events.
And we don’t think about what’s behind it”, mentioned Juliette.

The winner of the Big Brother 21 version revealed that she has already spent section of the R$ 1.5 million prize in what was her “purpose”: to lend a hand her family. “There’s still a little bit. I’m finishing organizing my nephews and brothers. Education, health and housing, the basics. It’s a matter of honor,” she mentioned.

She says that cash for her is what she earns from the contracts and exposure she manages to shut.
She additionally mentioned that when leaving the maximum watched area in Brazil as the winner, she discovered a number of proposals looking ahead to her, as her buddies and family did not dedicate to any corporate whilst the ex-bbb was confined.

“I thought about giving up.” Juliette says she didn’t assume she would be the winner of the BBB 21. Winner of the fact show with 90.15%, she was having a bet on the victory of any other competitor in the ultimate, blogger Camilla de Lucas. “I thought it would be Camilla. Through the life story and on the show,” she mentioned.

The singer reported that she idea about leaving the program when actor Lucas Penteado dropped out.
She mentioned that she even went to the confessional and pressed the button to communicate to the manufacturing of the appeal.
“The other day, I woke up and was grateful that I hadn’t left.”

PODDELAS is gifted by means of influencers Boo Unzueta and Tata Estaniecki.
The interview was broadcast on YouTube on Monday afternoon (21).

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