Kai Discusses Career as a Soloist, His Identity, and EXO’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

: During the interview, the male idol was requested about his opinion of him proceeding to be known in the leisure international as Kai or via his actual title, Kim Jongin.
As a new inspiration for luxurious emblem Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, EXO’s Kai did an interview for the emblem the place he responded questions about his career as an EXO member, solo artist, and his life as Kim Jongin. The singer of “Peaches” additionally did not disregard to communicate about the 10th anniversary of the staff’s debut.
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During the interview, the male idol was requested what he concept about him proceeding to be known in the leisure international as Kai or via his actual title, Kim Jongin. He mentioned, “It’s not that I don’t have that desire (for them to know the real me). It’s good to be known by many people. But of course, I want to protect the name ‘Kai.’”

The singer added, “After living as a singer for more than 10 years, I don’t know where Kai and Kim Jongin started. I wanted to differentiate between the two and differentiate between them, but at some point, Kai had no choice but to dig into Kim Jongin.”

Kai persisted, “When Kai’s name was shaken, someone named Kim Jongin was also affected. So I think (we) should take Kai in a better direction. I try not to become more famous like Kai or to mean ‘Kai is everything to me.’ That way, I think I can enjoy it longer. But it’s very difficult. I thought it was difficult.”

Apart from distinguishing EXO’s Kai and Kim Jongin, the idol additionally expressed his ideas on his solo debut in 2020 after operating with the staff for many years. Kai mentioned, “At first I was a person who worked with satisfaction on my own, but I was hesitant when I started my solo career.”

“Since I think it’s my first time, I don’t know how to balance, if I can do this the way I want, or if this is true. Even though I’m a soloist, I want a lot of people to watch me like I’m in a group. I have a lot of thinkers,” he persisted.

Kai added, “In the process, I thought, ‘This is what I do.’ That’s how I make decisions. If you are self-centered, it is easy to have faith. The result depends on how much you focus on yourself, but it’s up to me.”

Kai debuted as EXO on April 8, 2012 underneath SM Entertainment, which means it’ll be celebrating its decade anniversary this yr. Kai mentioned, “I agree with the saying that not many celebrities can reach 10 years. I feel proud. I think it’s a huge blessing to know that we’ve worked hard for 10 years and everyone knows and congratulates you.”

The singer expressed his love for his staff EXO and mentioned, “I will continue this work for a long time for 10, 15, and 20 years. But for now, where many people around me are congratulating me, I am more grateful and try to remember this moment meaningfully.”

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