Kang Mina, ex-gugudan admits she is hesitant to carry out solo activities in the music industry

: After starring in the drama ‘Moonshine’, former Gugudan’s Kang Mina who is active as an actress brazenly talked about her ideas on a career as a soloist in the music box.
After Gugudan (Gu9udan) disbanded at the finish of 2020 in the past, the former contributors of this girl crew have began their respective careers. Like one of them, Kang Mina, who just lately confirmed off her performing abilities in the drama “Moonshine”.
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On Thursday (24/2), Kang Mina had an interview to communicate about completing filming for the KBS drama “Moonshine”. In the drama, Mina performs Han Ae Jin, the gorgeous youngest daughter of a noble family.

Despite Kang Min’s present performing career, he was requested what comments he won from former Gugudan contributors relating to the drama he starred in. “After the 7th and 8th episodes of ‘Moonshine’, I received many phone calls. Many of them said my drama was very good. Kim Sejeong called me every day and told me that, ‘This is crazy, you are so cute’, and that gave me a lot of strength,” stated the actress.

Considering that he was as soon as a former member of a girl crew, a number of former contributors of Gugudan selected to have a career as a soloist. However, when Kang Mina was requested about this, she gave a company solution.

“I don’t think I can carry out activities as a solo singer. I and the members of Gugudan are doing our best in our respective positions, and since it hasn’t been long since I started walking the path as an actress, I want to focus more and stay committed to acting now.”

Besides that, Gugudan is a girl crew in Korea that debuted in 2016 with 9 contributors and in 2018, member Hyebin determined to go away and best had 8 contributors left. The girl crew which is below the auspices of Jellyfish Entertainment has determined to disband and is now pursuing a career in their respective fields.

Like Kang Mina, one of the former contributors like Kim Sejeong additionally selected an performing career and become a soloist. Then there is Mimi who is known to be an active YouTuber with her non-public channel MIMIHOMEPAGE. This is additionally performed by way of Soyee who has a non-public YouTube channel referred to as SOYEE. Then Nayoung is actively wearing out her activities as a model and is busy with various photo shoots with magazines and manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Kang Mina has additionally participated in a number of drama titles earlier than starring in “Moonshine”. He additionally participated in the drama “Hotel del Luna” in 2019, “Summer Guys” in 2021 and his upcoming drama, “Minamdang: Case Note” which is able to air in the close to long term.

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