Karina aespa is said to have lost popularity from Winter, Netizens are arguing fiercely

: Netizens have entered into every other heated debate about who has the upper degree of public popularity and the higher person fan base between Karina and Winter.
Karina and Winter aespa are pitted in opposition to each and every different in phrases of popularity. Netizens mentioned who was more fashionable between the two “core” participants of the SM Entertainment crew.
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More than a 12 months after their debut, the distinction in popularity amongst AESPA participants continues to be the topic of dialogue for netizens. In explicit, Karina and Winter are known as two of the most famed Aespa participants.

Recently, netizens have entered into every other heated debate about who has the upper degree of public popularity and the higher person fan base between Karina and Winter.

Since earlier than aespa’s debut, Karina’s surreal visuals and air of mystery have been said to be the maximum appropriate with aespa’s futuristic thought amongst the 4 participants, which has earned her so much of consideration. He is additionally the member that SM Entertainment driven the maximum when aespa first debuted.

But at the moment, many netizens are pronouncing that Winter has risen to change into the hottest aespa member, as evidenced by means of the overwhelming quantity of perspectives on his person fancam.

A major instance is Winter’s viral “Step Back” fancam which was posted previous this 12 months. In lower than a month, this fancam has virtually reached 10 million perspectives.

In addition, primarily based on the person fancam perspectives of AESPA participants since the crew’s debut till now, Winter’s videos have all the time been the maximum watched. While Karina’s fancam normally will get round 1-2 million perspectives, Winter occasionally exceeds 3 or 5 million in only a few months.

Another reason some netizens imagine that Winter is the hottest member of aespa is primarily based on the per 30 days emblem recognition scores for each and every girl crew member.

Every month since October 2021, Winter has outperformed Karina, even getting first position two times. Moreover, Winter is frequently a trending matter in on-line communities and draws prime engagement.

Contrary to Winter, which is gaining more and more consideration, Karina’s recognition is said to be steadily fading, her popularity knocking down after months of being in the highlight.

However, this was met with fierce opposition from Karina’s fandom. Many other folks agree that Winter’s popularity is on the upward push, however that doesn’t imply Karina is on the decline.

In Korea, Karina’s fanatics belong to an active fandom and are all the time prepared to pay. She ranks the easiest in phrases of Season’s Greeting Photo Pack gross sales amongst SM feminine idols, and her non-public mag duvet additionally sells the quickest. In the Chinese marketplace, the quantity of Karina fancam perspectives additionally crushed the different 3 AESPA participants.

Netizens commented that although Karina’s visuals don’t reside up to the requirements of Korean idols, this feminine idol has nonetheless maintained her explosive attraction since debut, not in any respect inferior to the different participants. What do you suppose?

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