Kim Hawt’s Style Turns Super Handsome and Macho, Vanessa Angel’s Friend Makes Fans Scream

: Ordinary kemayu, Kim Hawt changed to look macho and handsome to successfully anesthetize the public eye. Vanessa Angel’s best friend is even praised for looking like Christiano Ronaldo!
The name Kim Hawt has started to be talked about since the departure of Vanessa Angel and her husband, Febri Andriansyah. Kim is willing to put up an all-out body to defend his best friend’s good name. He also showed his fangs even more when Vanessa’s father, Doddy Soedrajat, disputed the inheritance and custody of his grandson, Gala Sky Andriansyah.
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Apart from Doddy, Kim also “skinned” Vanessa’s mother, Puput Soedrajat. He admits that he understands well about Puput’s dark past. However, Kim was reluctant to mention Puput’s name because he understood that this could lead to him being caught in a defamation law case.

Everything related to Kim continues to be a concern. Including about Kim’s recent appearance. Usually looking like a woman, Kim recently shocked fans through his latest Instagram upload on Tuesday (22/2).

In the uploaded portrait, Kim casually poses in front of the camera. Smiling loosely, Kim raised one of her legs. Kim’s leg hair was slightly exposed.

Wearing a hoodie jacket and black hat, Kim’s appearance immediately caught the attention of netizens. Until now, Kim’s portrait has been liked by more than 8.4 thousand netizens.

Apparently, Kim’s macho and handsome appearance successfully anesthetized netizens’ eyes. Many netizens as well as Kim’s fans screamed hysterically at Kim’s appearance. Even one netizen called Kim so similar to footballer Christiano Ronaldo.

“Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano, he’s definitely good at playing football,” commented the owner of the account @fiqih***arjati. “Cute, VERY MAN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” replied the account @indah***agia25. “If you’re a really handsome guy, you’re going to cry when you see it ,” said the account @merli***zhu_93. “Handsome mixed with maniezzz bett njirrrr 😍,” praised the account @alfis***iroh29.

“😍😍 When you are like this, how come you are so handsome, I say😂😂,” said the account @kakaros *** sprilla. “Suddenly I forgot about my PC …” teased the @arra***ramesty account. “How come he’s so handsome… Astaghfirullah I have a husband kwkwkw,” added the account @rabsan***iratna.

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