Koar-Koar’s Mother Abandoned, Kalina Oktarani Reveals Different Recognition of Routinely Sending Money Per Month

: Recently, Kalina’s mother, Erlan Wardhania alias Mama Een, admitted that her daughter had by no means visited her. Firmly, Kalina in an instant commented on the mother’s remark.
Recently, Kalina Oktarani’s mother, Erlan Wardhania, spoke back to her daughter’s divorce from Vicky Prasetyo. Erlan admits that he doesn’t know anything else as a result of Kalina is alleged to have by no means visited him. Erlan additionally stated that his daughter had by no means contacted him by the use of phone or WhatsApp messages.
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Even Erlan stated Kalina had lied so much. One of them is about Kalina’s admission of taking care of and taking good care of her.

“He said he was looking for money for mama, but no. The ambulance was not paid for, because I am a BPJS recipient. Medications are also not covered by BPJS,” stated Erlan as reported via DetikHOT. “And last week Dharmais Hospital refused because there was no one in charge. I said alone.”

“At that time, Kalina was in Turkey when she asked for money in the cash, as a reserve. At least how much blood transfusion. It’s not that much. And Rani doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want anything, he said thrifty. Even though this is for treatment,” persisted Erlan.

Erlan additionally feels that Kalina doesn’t care in any respect when she is unwell. He was shocked that his daughter may just be so courageous.

“He was born from my womb. And I’ve never seen a child, seen a mother lying like this,” stated Erlan. “Doesn’t it arouse your feelings, do you have a sense of empathy or not, especially since I’m a biological mother. And Rani doesn’t have that feeling. And I don’t know the revenge until I die next time huh.”

Besides that, Erlan doesn’t care if Kalina is indignant with him after sharing his conduct. Instead, he reminded Deddy Corbuzier’s ex-wife about blasphemy and curses.

“I don’t care if she’s angry or not, Rani’s presence or absence is the same, Rani can’t be used as hope, her absence is the same for me,” stated Erlan. “Yesterday Rani complained to me that netizens bullied her a lot, now it’s not just netizens, Indonesia will condemn her, blaspheme her.”

Meanwhile, Kalina herself denied that she had deserted her mother. He admitted that he continuously sends per thirty days charges to his mother, who’s familiarly referred to as Mama Een.

“I’ve never abandoned my mother, long ago,” stated Kalina Oktarani from Popular Celebrity YouTube, as reported via Suara. “Every month I give a million rupiah. How much is it if you put it together from there? My responsibility as a child, there is no calculation at all.”

“My mother is sick, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of her,” Kalina persisted.

Kalina then requested her mother not to talk about the accusation of forget. He additionally did not need to elevate issues of his personal mother. “Don’t use my mother’s illness to oppress me as a child,” he concluded.

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