Krystal humiliated by Kim Jae Wook, the ‘Crazy Love’ production team promises a dramatic turning point

: Ahead of the premiere episode, ‘Crazy Love’ uploaded a fascinating teaser between Krystal and Kim Jae Wook as secretary and boss. The production team leaked about the turning point.
Approaching the “Crazy Love” broadcast time table, KBS2 launched a teaser that started to show the life of the main persona. Viewers can catch a glimpse of Krystal and Kim Jae Wook’s relationship in the drama.
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“Crazy Love” is a candy but barbaric and chaotic love tale about a tough but professional trainer after receiving dying threats. The dying risk got here from none instead of his gravely unwell secretary.

Kim Jae Wook takes on the function of Noh Go Jin, the narcissistic CEO of tutorial corporate GOTOP and the most sensible math trainer in Korea with an IQ of 190. Krystal performs Lee Shin Ah, a hard-working and introverted secretary whose life adjustments after studying that she doesn’t have a lot time to torment.

The teaser video opens by introducing Noh Go Jin who’s a celebrity trainer like an idol. In addition to being sensible, Noh Go Jin additionally appears like a well-known actor and is cooler when using his sports activities automotive. His reputation is evidenced by the many fanatics who adore him.

Despite being liked, Noh Go Jin succeeded in making staff apprehensive as a result of of the “first person should not walk in second place” mindset. He even blatantly instructed an worker, “I’m most annoyed with people who don’t do a good job but receive a full salary.”

On the different hand, there’s Lee Shin Ah’s secretary who lasted for one yr beneath Noh Go Jin’s management. Whereas different secretaries may just not closing more than 3 months. Lee Shin Ah turns out to be suffering with her place of business life in the video.

But the environment adjustments at the finish of the video when Lee Shin Ah appears virtually crying. In the auditorium the place many other people accumulated, Noh Go Jin publicly humiliated him by appointing him as “Lupin” worker. It raises the query of why Noh Go Jin humiliated Lee Shin Ah in such a approach.

As the teaser was launched, the production team promised, “The relationship between Noh Go Jin who maintains honor at all times, and Lee Shin Ah who has no choice but to become smaller in cold reality implies an even more dramatic turning point in the future. This video is a trailer and more interesting stories will be released. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, “Crazy Love” will premiere on March 7. Replacing “Moonshine”, this drama will air each and every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 local time.

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