Likes to wear loose clothes, Jungkook BTS’s fashion sense is a conversation

: Netizens highlight the evolution of Jungkook BTS fashion style throughout the years. There’s not much of a big difference because the handsome idol still likes to look sporty in a hip style.
Jungkook BTS (Bangtan Boys) is back in the spotlight because of the way he dresses for everyday life. Instead of being fashionable, this idol who is nicknamed the “golden maknae” really prioritizes comfort.
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Recently, Jungkook shared two photos of himself in the HYBE practice room. In the photo, the 1997-born idol is seen with his usual appearance, loose pants and tops.

Following his latest post, a netizen made a post on an online community showing the evolution of Jungkook’s fashion style over the years. There’s not much of a big difference because Jungkook likes to look sporty hip style.

Many claim to like Jungkook’s fashion sense because it looks comfortable. Some praised her good physique so that wearing any clothes would look good. There are also those who say that the actual fashion style is ordinary, but it looks extraordinary because it’s Jungkook.

“He has a very good physique so any outfit suits him,” commented a netizen. “He does have a different preference for his style,” added another netizen. “I think Jungkook’s taste in choosing cool clothes too,” wrote a netizen.

“He doesn’t have a good fashion sense but looks cool,” said a netizen. “He has an aura that attracts people’s attention, besides, he is dressed quite well in my opinion,” said another. “I like the loose look, but honestly, it only looks good because of Jungkook,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, BTS has announced the schedule for the “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE In Seoul” concert on March 10, 12, and 13, 2022. The concert in Seoul this time will be held both offline and online.

The live broadcast of BTS’s offline concert on March 12 will be broadcast through theaters around the world in various countries listed in the announcement that has been released. However, Indonesia did not get a screen allotment for the upcoming BTS concert.

In related news, Jungkook recently teamed up with Suga to produce the song “Stay Alive.” The OST track “7Fates: CHAKHO” has been topping international charts for the past three weeks.

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