Little People, Big World Season 23 Episode 6: Fans react as Amy and Chris decide to visit Matt in Arizona

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Tonight on Little People, Big World, Amy and Chris revealed that they were going to Arizona to visit Amy’s ex, Matt, and his partner, Caryn, shocking viewers, who thought it was peculiar. Fans took to social media to express their shock over the decision.

The Roloffs celebrated Christmas in Episode 6 by having parties with their friends. Amy and Chris invited their neighbors to a casserole competition cum pajama party, while Matt and Caryn organized a charity dinner with their friends. When Amy and Chris told their neighbors, and Matt and Caryn told their friends about the decision, both sets of friends were quite shocked. Zach even commented on the visit being weird.

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Little People, Big World fans felt that it was weird that they were visiting Amy’s ex-husband in a different state.

Little People, Big World fans are weirded out as Amy and Chris announce their visit to Arizona

Tonight on Little People, Big World, Amy and Chris announced to their friends that they were going to meet Matt and Caryn in Arizona. The friends were shocked and asked,

“You guys are going down to Arizona to visit Matt?”

Chris defended his decision by saying that the tickets were a wedding gift, but his friends were unconvinced by the statement and said to Amy,

“The fact that you are going to Arizona to visit your ex-husband.”

Chris then called Matt his “buddy,” Amy joked about her recent marriage not “lasting.” Caryn’s friends talked about the chance for ex-spouses to remarry, seeing how close Amy and Matt were, but she laughed it off.

Little People, Big World fans felt that the entire situation was very awkward but was impressed with the friendship. They thought that Amy was going to Arizona only to please Chris and did not want to see Caryn.

Although, some fans also seemed to cherish the friendship between Matt and Chris. Viewers said they’re all adults, so seeing exes should not be a huge deal.

Little People, Big World couple Matt and Amy’s relationship timeline

Matt and Amy had been married for 27 years. The couple had four kids: Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. In 2007, Matt publicly announced differences in his relationship with Amy in his book Little Family, Big Values: Lessons in Love, Respect and Understanding for Families of Any Size. In November 2013, Matt moved into the family guest home.

The couple announced their separation in 2014 after going to a marriage counselor. Matt has been dating Caryn since March 2017, while Amy started dating Chris in December 2017. Amy married Chris in 2021.

A recap of Little People, Big World Season 23 Episode 5

Last week, the Roloffs celebrated Lilah’s second birthday. Lilah was timid and did not open her gifts. Jackson commented on this by saying that he would have quickly opened the wrapped gifts.

Matt and Caryn, whose trip to Arizona was canceled, also attended the party, but Zach behaved rudely in front of them. He said it might take time for him to forgive Matt after the farm incident.

Matt was happy to see his grandchildren. Jackson underwent leg surgery as his legs were bowed and not straight. While the doctors had told Zach and Tori that he would walk immediately after the surgery, Jackson refused to walk, and Tori was upset to see him like that.

Amy took care of Lilah while the couple was busy with Jackson’s medical procedure. Zach and Tori informed her that they would celebrate Christmas by themselves that year.

The episode description reads,

“Lilah’s birthday brings friends and family together, but everyone struggles with the new normal for Christmas now that Zach and Tori live in Battle Ground, WA. Nerves run high as Jackson undergoes leg surgery, and his recovery takes longer than expected.”

Little People, Big World, airs every Tuesday at 9.00 pm ET on TLC. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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