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Maeva Ghennam is a French model, reality television personality, and online sensation. She acted in movies like “The Marseillais: Australia,” “The Marseillais in the Caribbean,” and “The Marseillais Asian Tour.”

Maeva Ghennam’s video became viral

Australian television personality and well-known model Maeva Ghennam made an appearance on the reality series Les Marseillais Australia. Her publicly publicised content stunned everyone. It appears that Maeva Ghennam is acting quite unsportsmanlikely. To find out more about Maeva Gannam, look at the picture below. Maeva Ghennam is a user of the OnlyF adult portal, according to sources.

According to reports, Maeva Ghennam’s leaked material was posted on social media through her OnlyF account, where she shared the videos and images with her followers. She has participated in several reality shows, which has aided in her awareness and development of a reputation. The professional and personal histories of Maeva Ghennam show that she was a dental assistant with a degree in the field. The young woman took a number of additional courses to further her education. Maeva Ghennam was involved in one incident. Three men attacked her outside her house on November 13, 2020.

Maeva Ghennam Age, Family, and Early Life

On May 14, 1997, Maeva Ghennam was born in Ghennam, Marseille, France. She is an Australian citizen. She is a member of the white race. Taurus is her zodiac sign.
Salya Ghennam, the mother of Maeva Ghennam, has 74.1 million Instagram followers and is also well-known. Her parents and older sister “Manon Tanti” raised her. Her father’s identity is still a mystery.

Maeva ghennam’s relationship Status

Maeva Ghennam is currently single, but she has had a lot of relationships recently. She was initially spotted with Nikola Lozina, but the couple split up immediately. She also dated Anthony Nacca, but their union ended abruptly.

Maeva Ghennam Career

Prior to making an appearance in seasons seven of La Marseillaise in 2017 and 2018, Maeva Ghennam worked as a dental assistant. She appeared in “The Marseillais: Australia,” “The Marseillais: Asia Tour,” and “The Marseillais in the Caribbean.” She has additionally appeared in episodes of Manon + Julien le Mariage, The Marseillais vs. the Rest of the World 3, The Marseillais vs. the Rest of the World 4, and Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers 4.

She made a breathtaking debut in Les Marseillais: Australia in 2018. She came throughout the course of the journey and quickly made a name for herself with her fiery attitude and bimbo side. During this journey, Maeva experienced a brief love affair with Nikola Lozina. In Les Marseillais: Asian Tour, she marries Kevin’s friend Nacca. On the other hand, his involvement with Greg led to the dissolution of his relationship. She finally admits that she has started to adore Greg.

Maeva Ghennam’s net worth

Ghennam’s estimated net worth is $900,000 USD, despite the fact that she has only recently entered the entertainment sector.

Which college and school did She attend?

Maeva completed her high school and college studies in France. Information about her college is kept secret.

Does She have a presence on any social media networks?

Ghennam is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She has more than 9,429 fans on Facebook, more than 3.3 million on Instagram, and more than 68.3 thousand on Twitter.

Maeva Ghennam’s Height, Weight, and Physical Description

Height Not Available
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Weight Not Available
Body type Fit
Sexual orientation Straight

Interesting facts about Maeva Ghennam

Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Zodiac sign Taurus
Relationship Status Single

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