Marco Muzzo & Wife Taryn Hampton marriage info & jail sentence

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The wedding of Marco Muzzo and Taryn Hampton was postponed since he was driving under the influence when he collided with another vehicle, which resulted in the deaths of three children, their grandfather, and another adult.

When Marco was returning from his bachelorette party, he was the individual who was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, things quickly took a tragic turn when he disregarded the stop sign and crashed with a car, which led to the deaths of three children and their grandfather.
At the time of the deadly crash, Muzzo was driving back to his house after departing from Toronto Pearson International Airport. After disembarking the plane in Miami, where he had been having his bachelor party, he had just arrived home.

Wedding of Marco Muzzo and His Wife, Taryn Hampton

The wedding that Marco and Taryn had planned to have never ended up happening. When Marco was struck by a terrible accident, the couple had recently become engaged and were in the process of making arrangements for their approaching wedding.
His grandfather made his wealth in dry-walling and real estate, and as a result, he was able to provide a comfortable upbringing for his grandson. He was prepared to wed Taryn Hampton, who he had known since the time he was allowed to sweep the floors as a boy, and he held a stable position at the business that had been in his family for generations. Since the accident, she had been his steady support.

The bachelor party that Muzzo attended was held in Miami, and he boarded a private plane to return to Toronto International Airport soon after 3 p.m. on the same day. According to the facts that have been established, it is unknown when he first started drinking, what he drank, or with whom he drank, but it is certain that he became drunk and was too highly inebriated to drive after drinking.
According to the forensic evidence, his blood alcohol content was anywhere between 190 and 245 mg per 100 ml of blood at the time of the collision. This is more than three times the legal driving limit of 80 mg per 100 ml of blood.
On their route to Brampton, the Neville-Lake children and their grandparents, Neriza and Gary Neville, as well as their great-grandmother, Josephina Frias, were travelling in a Grand Caravan together. The two women were the only ones to survive the terrible accident that they narrowly escaped.
Taryn has been there for Muzzo during this entire tragedy, and she appears to be in a state of shock as well.

Marco Muzzo Sentence And Jail Time Explored

Muzzo entered a guilty plea to all six charges of driving while intoxicated, including four counts of driving while intoxicated that resulted in death and two counts of driving while intoxicated that resulted in bodily injury. In March of 2016, he was given a sentence that included ten years in prison as well as a twelve-year driving ban.
Muzzo was released from a jail with a low level of security in May of 2020, and since that time, he has been living in a community centre while being closely monitored.
Saddest stuff ever. Mr. Lake had spent the previous seven years wallowing in the grief brought on by his loss. Marco Muzzo is free. His wife has been through a terrible ordeal. Her husband committed himself, and a drunk driver took the lives of her children. I don’t know what to say; I’m speechless. This is a genuine source of sadness.
These specific conditions, which include abstaining from alcohol use and avoiding establishments that provide alcoholic beverages, avoiding any kind of direct or indirect contact with his victims, and staying away from Brampton and the York Region, will be applied to his full release. His original date of legal release was set for June 18, 2022, but the date his warrant is set to expire is July 28, 2025, which is also the date that his term will end.

Who exactly is Edward Lake, and what exactly took place with him?

Edward Lake is the father of the three children and the father-in-law who were killed in an automobile accident that was caused by a drunk driver in Vaughan in 2015. The accident occurred in 2015.
The body of Edward Lake, the father of the three children who were killed in 2015 by an impaired motorist named Marco Muzzo, was discovered on Monday, the day after Father’s Day. Global News has learned that Edward Lake passed away on that day.
Recent reports indicate that he passed away by his own hand. On Monday, a Peel Regional Police officer located Lake’s dead body on Charters Road in Brampton. Charters Road is located in Brampton.
After spending the night in confinement owing to a mental health order and an altercation at his house on Father’s Day in which police used a Taser, he was reportedly released from the custody of Peel Officers in the morning after spending the night in confinement.

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