Mawar AFI Reported by Her Ex-Husband’s Legal Counsel Team for Alleged Defamation

Mawar AFI vs. Ex-Husband: The issue of infidelity by Mawar AFI’s ex-husband, Steno Ricardo, has become a hot topic of discussion. Now the legal team of her ex-husband has reported Mawar to the police.
Mawar Dhimas or better known as Mawar AFI suddenly became a hot topic of conversation. This is because Mawar revealed that Steno Ricardo, who is now her ex-husband, had an affair.
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As a result of the affair, Mawar has now been reported to the police for defamation. The report was made by DARE Law Alliance, as Steno Ricardo’s legal team.

The report was not made to interfere with Mawar and Steno’s household matters. Instead, the report was purely made because they were disappointed with Mawar.

“We have absolutely no interest in interfering in his domestic affairs with Steno Ricardo. Our involvement in this case is purely as an advocate for Steno Ricardo who is tasked with helping our clients navigate legal procedures based on the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia,” said DARE Law Alliance in their official statement.

Steno Ricardo’s legal team did not accept that his name was involved in the accusations that Mawar made on social media. Including the allegation of forced signature of a cheating statement that was once dismantled by Mawar.

“We deeply regret the attitude of Mawar who in her statements often associates her accusations with us. in the end we had no other choice but to take legal action to protect the good name and honor of our profession. Let the legal process run and the evidence (not unilateral statements) speak,” he added.

Now the report on the alleged defamation has been registered with the Polda Metro Jaya since Thursday (24/2). The case is still under police investigation.

Furthermore, the news about Mawar being policed ​​on charges of defamation then reaped various responses when it was redistributed by the gossip account @nyinyir_update_official. Judging from the comments column, it seems that many netizens are busy giving satire on the side of Mawar’s ex-husband.

“Ciee, he doesn’t accept it because he was fired 😂 so he wants it, it’s really hard,” wrote a netter. “Wkwkwk always ends in defamation . Even though his behavior has been tainted, right? People who have caught the ulcer are busy covering it up ” said another.

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