Mawar AFI Reveals Her Own Ex-Husband Who Recruited ‘Affairs’ Babysitter, Just a Cover?

Mawar AFI vs. Ex-Husband: Mawar AFI is reportedly the sufferer of her husband’s affair with the babysitter who takes care of her youngsters. Even despite the fact that her ex-husband has denied it, Mawar is even more passionate about telling tales.
Mawar AFI has effectively stunned the public referring to the tale about her ex-husband, Steno Ricardo. After virtually a decade of marriage, Mawar and Steno divorced with alleged infidelity as the reason.
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Steno’s marriage to the former babysitter Mawar on Monday (21/2) reinforced those allegations. However, Steno firmly denied having an affair as a result of he was formally divorced from Mawar on January 11, 2022.

Various tales have been revealed one through one via Mawar who nonetheless makes use of her social media to supply explanation. Mawar is these days on holiday with her youngsters and does not need to be disturbed through the media.

Through her interactions with netizens, Mawar shared that the babysitter to take care of her 3 youngsters was introduced through her ex-husband. The babysitter named Susi is claimed to have run clear of house a number of occasions to forestall running.

“My ex-husband, who brought it home, worked with his mother too. 1 month of work home. Then I was persuaded again by my ex-husband, come back, a month to go home,” mentioned Mawar. “Trs disappeared for 2 months, suddenly my ex-husband said he wanted to go back to work, 2 weeks home… then I divorced.”

The news of Mawar’s ex-husband’s affair was later highlighted in order that gossip accounts persevered to speak about it. Mawar additionally reaped the sympathy of netizens. Netizens even suspect that the babysitting profession is simply a duvet for the lady named Susi.

“Don’t pretend to be a baby sitter,” commented the account @ewinxxx. “It’s like the Indosiar film, the heart hurts,” mentioned the account @deisyxxx.

“It’s like an Indosiar movie… I thought maybe they’ve been dating for a long time, just pretending to be a baby sitter to get close to the boy… gosh I hate my mind,” responded the @ririnxxx account.

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