Mayang Salting, Maulana ‘Prospective Boyfriend’ Reveals This Compatibility

Mayang-Chika’s Popularity: After being related to YouTuber Rivaldi, Mayang’s sister Vanessa Angel is now observed appearing off her shut relationship with a man with lengthy hair named Maulana.
Vanessa Angel’s sister, Mayang turns out to be busy with amorous affairs. The explanation why is that once being connected with YouTuber Rivaldi, now Mayang turns out to be shut to some other man.
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Mayang turns out to be shut to a man who’s in the track global. Mayang additionally bluntly admitted to being shut to the man.

“So this is the one, which is close,” stated the video recorder. “Yes, please,” stated Mayang who then laughed.

Mayang then requested the man who was with him to introduce himself. Apparently the man with lengthy hair was named Maulana. “Hello, I’m Maulana,” he stated.

Maulana was then discussed about the explanation why he was in Mayang. Apparently the explanation why Maulana was in Mayang had to do with track.

“Because I and Mayang both like music,” stated Maulana. “The same. Because we are of the same frequency,” stated Mayang, who then invited Maulana to shake fingers.

However, netizens even accused Mayang and Maulana’s closeness as an insignificant surroundings. Apparently netters suspected that Mayang was intentionally appearing his closeness to Maulana to additional improve his identify.

Maulana was additionally insinuated that he was intentionally driving on Mayang’s reputation. Therefore, many netizens expect that the two will not be in love.

“Looks like this is a setting, so I can jack up the spare tire.. Where are people when they’re dating, don’t say yes,” wrote the account @ir*****. “Definitely his halo girlfriend, I don’t want to lose seeing Fuji happy,” joked the @jo*****an account.

“Well, it looks really bad when the settings are tacky,” commented the account @il*****28. “Rayfaldi realized yesterday that he didn’t want to embarrass himself, so he didn’t want to be invited to play pranks,” responded the account @in*****a2.

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