Meet Fraudster From The Web Of Make Believe, Daniel Rigmaiden, according to Wikipedia.

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In this article, we will read about “Meet Fraudster From The Web Of Make Believe, Daniel Rigmaiden, according to Wikipedia.

Meet Fraudster From The Web Of Make Believe, Daniel Rigmaiden, according to Wikipedia.

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Daniel Rigmaiden is an American con artist who has made history several times and is currently enjoying a simple life after abandoning his con artist employment.

He remains under police monitoring despite the fact that he was released in 2014 after serving six years in jail.

Who Is A Fraudster In A Web Of Make-Believe?

Daniel Rigmaiden was born in Seaside, California, and moved across the coast after graduating from high school, residing in a series of college towns.

He became an adept at creating fake IDs and sold them online to beer-obsessed college students for a tidy profit. He avoided college towns in favor of beach hotels, tent camping, and country camping.

He was arrested and imprisoned in May 2008 on charges of stealing $68,000 while using an AirCard. In 2014, he was released from prison. Daniel moved to Phoenix after being released from prison.

Rigmaiden toiled from prison to decipher decades of secret, eventually becoming the world’s leading expert on the Stingray device, which had placed him in prison. By the time he was through, a covert surveillance device and the gear that kept it hidden would be disclosed to the public for the first time.

Rigmaiden devised yet another scheme, this time involving the filing of tax returns for the recently deceased, which he liked because it was relatively victimless.

Daniel became a government transparency campaigner after US law enforcement used a secret cell phone surveillance device called Stingray to locate him inside his home.

Before Daniel made Stingray mobile phone surveillance public in 2011, law enforcement kept the device secret from judges, defense counsel, and defendants, and routinely used it without a warrant.

Daniel has also testified in federal and state courts as a defense expert in mobile phone spying cases.

He is a shy and kind introvert who enjoys exploring the natural world. He spends some time sleeping in the woods, and other times free climbing and conquering cliffs.

Rigmaiden currently lives a simple life and earns no money from his legal practice, according to He had instead resigned from his telemarketing job.

The well-known con artist is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where he keeps his followers up to date on his activities.

This week marks the launch of Web Of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet, a new Netflix series about the internet and the horrifying things people do on it, as well as how those things tend to spill over into real life. There are six episodes in all, each lasting around an hour.

The final two episodes of the program, titled The Stingray, are a two-parter about hackers and the FBI’s pursuit of them, and were released on June 15.

The episodes highlight the stories of people caught up in a dark and twisted web of contemporary disinformation and digital deceit, stories that have been investigated for years.

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