Milly Gattegno: Who Is She? Things To Know In 2022 About McMullen’s New Girlfriend?

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Milly Gattegno: Who Is She? Things To Know In 2022 About McMullen’s New Girlfriend?

DJ Milly Gattegno is primarily recognised for her personal affairs and her interactions with high-profile Australian celebrities and social circles.

She is a part of a DJ-duo, The Faders, with Suhana “Sui” Lye. The Sydney-based DJ pair is contracted under Universal Music and has delivered various hits such as their “F.U.N.” and “F.U.N. 2” albums.

This successful partnership has represented brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Ray-Ban, Absolut, David Jones, Myer, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Tag Heuer, and Uniqlo throughout their career.

As a result of her extensive and powerful impact in the area, DJ Milly’s position in the business field is a guarantee.

How old is Milly Gattegno, Darren’s partner on Celebrity Apprentice?
Milly Gattegno’s age falls around her late 40s as in 2022. Citing her 2014 interview with Daily Mail UK, she was 29 years old at the time.

Milly is well-known for her beauty and athleticism. She is well known as the girlfriend of Darren McMullen from “Celebrity Apprentice.” One of the most popular topics for her is how she takes care of her fit and gorgeous body.

Despite her rising age, the entertaining DJ has not ceased her DJing methods and is hitting new heights every day.

Many media outlets have labelled her a stylish hottie DJ since Milly falls on the list of stylish Aussie celebs. Her Instagram account is a consistent update of her life, where she dresses stylishly and posts pictures of herself.

Milly Gattegno: Who Is She? Wikipedia Bio Of Darren McMullen Girlfriend 2022
Australian-born Milly Gattegno resides in Sydney at the moment. She likes her days as a public person and a successful business career.

She is credited as a brand guru along with her partner Sui during the day and an international DJ at night. She and Sui began performing together after realising their shared passion of classic R&B and hip-hop.

When Milly first met Suhana, she was employed by MTV Australia. They instantly click since they both enjoy music, adventure, and partying. Since then, they have maintained their way of life.

Prior to her connections with Darren McMullen, Milly was dating comedian Chris Lilley. From 2014 to 2016, the two were together, and Milly was vocal about her affection for him. With Who Magazine that year, the DJ had spoken about her friendship with the “Ja’mie: Private School Girl” star cast.

After that, she is popularly believed to have been Darren McMullen’s girlfriend. As a former co-host of The Voice Australia and for his entertaining segments, Mr. McMullen is well-known. He and Milly were frequently linked to a previous relationship, according to rumours.

However, neither of the celebrities ever responded to the claim, and they are today thought to be no longer together. Nevertheless, it is clear that the two get along well because they are frequently seen attending events, parties, and lunch dates together.

The two were seen having lunch in late November 2021, according to Daily Mail UK. The two were dining at the hip Japanese restaurant Raw Bar in Bondi Beach with P.E Nation founder Pip Edwards.

Similar to how she handles her Instagram account, which is full of beach photos and blue sky and holiday experiences, she portrays her life in Australia.

She and her ex-boyfriend Chris Lilley frequently commented about each other on social media while they were together.

On her Instagram, Milly seldom ever discusses her spouse because she exclusively shares pictures of her fashionable days. As a result, little can be inferred from her social media handles regarding her dating life.

She also adds pictures of her friends and additions to her list of fashion on top of that. Her 29k fans are pleased to see her activity on the platform and wish for more resolutions in her life.

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