Nadine Chandrawinata gives birth on a beautiful date, Dimas Anggara shows off the baby’s face and name

: Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara are happy because their first child was born on the beautiful date of 22/2/2022. The two also shared an adorable portrait and the name they chose for the baby.
Congratulations! Now Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara have officially become parents. That’s because Nadine has given birth to her first child with Dimas on a beautiful date to be exact, Tuesday, (22/2/2022).
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The happy news was first shared by Nadine and Dimas through their Instagram page. In the post, Dimas and Nadine openly exposed the adorable face of their first baby.

Nadine is seen holding her baby after giving birth. Meanwhile, Dimas looks happy because his wife and children can go through the delivery process in a healthy and safe way.

The couple also revealed the beautiful name they gave their baby. Dimas and Nadine gave birth to their second child, Nadi Djiwa Anggara.

Not a few who praise the names of Dimas and Nadine’s children are so beautiful and have a million meanings. Dimas and Nadine said that their second child can be called as Djiwa.

“Hi my name is ‘Nadi Djiwa Anggara’ 22.02.2022 just call me ‘Djiwa’ love #LangkahND #ND,” wrote Dimas and Nadine via their Instagram page on Tuesday (22/2).

Not a few who suspect that the baby Nadine and Dimas is a girl. The reason is, in the photo, Nadine and Dimas’ baby faces are so beautiful.

Dimas and Nadine also inserted an emoji with a girl’s picture. Through Nadine’s Instagram Story, it was clearly seen that the decoration of the hospital room where she was staying said “Its Girl” with a dominant pink balloon.

Fellow artists didn’t want to miss out on congratulating and best wishes for the birth of baby Djiwa. They admitted that they were happy to hear that Nadine and Dimas’ babies were healthy and did not have any shortcomings.

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