Newspaper publishes fake news about Queen Elizabeth’s death and scares netizens

The Hollywood Unlocked newspaper revealed a piece of writing reporting the death of Queen Elizabeth II, however temporarily deleted the publish, as it was a fake news.: Last Tuesday (23) the American newspaper Hollywood Unlocked, higher known as HU, reported the death of Queen Elizabeth II and startled her admirers. However, in the case of fake news, this is, false news, the newspaper temporarily deleted the newsletter. Follow Wikistardom for more superstar, leisure & Hollywood updates.

At the second, Queen Elizabeth has covid-19 for the 2d time, however she has delicate signs and her well being is just right.

Newspaper publishes fake news about Queen Elizabeth's death and scares netizens - 1

After the repercussion, British newspapers denied the news. Journalist Ricardo Brooks, from Nationwide Radio, posted on his Twitter profile that the Queen is not lifeless, and additionally reported that the first media outlet to verify the Queen’s death will be BBC News.

“Queen Elizabeth is not dead.
The BBC will announce it first, after its private secretary has advised the British prime minister.
There is a very elaborate plan to announce the Queen’s death,” he wrote.

The Hollywood Unlocked newspaper commented after the incident and stated sources revealed that Elizabeth had died, however did not elaborate on the details.

Queen Elizabeth is already at a complicated age, at 95 years old, turning 96 in April.
On February 6, 2022, she finished 70 years of reign, which was assumed in 1952.

When the Queen does die, it is going to be a significant international surprise, and the British Crown already has a plan in position for when that occurs.
There is a particular code to keep up a correspondence the tournament, which should be instructed by means of the Queen’s secretary to the Prime Minister.
The code is: “London Bridge is Down”.
When her father, King George VI, died, the code was: “Hyde Park Corner’”.
And for her mother, the code was: “Tay Bridge”.

Next in line to the British throne is Charles, Prince of Wales, son of Queen Elizabeth II and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Charles is recently 73 years old, and when he passes away, his eldest son William, Duke of Cambridge and his spouse Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will think the throne.

Featured Photo: Queen Elizabeth ll.

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