Not a diet, Prilly Latuconsina reveals the reason for her drastic weight loss

: Prilly Latuconsina showed that just lately her weight has dropped vastly. Even so, Prilly denied doing a particular nutrition to make her body narrow.
Prilly Latuconsina showed that she has misplaced a lot of weight just lately. Even so, this stunning 25-year-old girl denies being on a particular nutrition to glance narrow.
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“No (diet), I eat a lot,” stated Prilly Latuconsina on YouTube Star Story, as reported via Suara.

Maxime Bouttier’s ex-lover stated his body appeared skinny due to exhaustion due to his forged job. “It’s just that I’m thin because I’m just tired,” defined Prilly.

As is known, Prilly is these days busy with the promotion of her latest film, entitled “Kukira You Home”. He could also be these days taking pictures different film initiatives as neatly as managing a soccer membership.

“I haven’t had a day off,” stated Prilly. “Yesterday, after ‘KKR’, I promoted around the cinema, and continued to shoot. Haven’t run a football club yet.”

Meanwhile, relating to the splendid weight, Prilly admitted that she did not set a sure quantity. “I was never targeted,” he concluded.

Previously, Prilly admitted that she had damaged up with Irzan Faiq. Prilly, who prior to now had by no means talked about her love relationship, now in reality stated that she had damaged up with Irzan, to be actual, since October 2021.

Even despite the fact that they’ve damaged up, Prilly stated that she now has a just right relationship with Irzan Faiq as a buddy. “Last October we finally decided to be friends,” he stated.

Prilly herself has defined why she is secretive about her love affair. He simply doesn’t need many folks to be excited about commenting on his private life.

“So, since yesterday, I’ve been lazy to tell how my personal life is, how is my love life. Yesterday, it was the same as before, it was very open and it bothered me,” stated Prilly Latuconsina. “It’s complicated, I’ll tell you who I’m going out with, later when I break up I’ll be noisy again. I’m the one who broke up, the netizens are noisy. So let’s just keep it a secret.”

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