One piece 1054 spoilers reddit and twitter, New Admiral Vs Straw Hats?

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Since Oda put the Wano Arc on hold, we’ve all been paying attention to how it ends. Oda said that he would take a month off after One Piece Chapter 1052 came out to “put together the final One Piece saga.” People think that the Wonichi chapter will end in Chapter 1053 of One Piece, and then the Straw Hat will take a break and start a new journey. Still, the release of the chapter shows that it’s far from over. The story of Wano Nation will move forward in One Piece Chapter 1054. Still, when will Chapter 1054 of One Piece come out?

Chapter 1053 “The New Emperor” Introduction?

Kaido and Orochi have ruled Wano Nation for 20 years, and the country is trying to get rid of them. But one thing was about to happen, and the brand new admiral got angry after only two chapters. Many people have thought that he is either Zoro’s father or the previous daimyo of the Wano Kingdom. Still, it doesn’t seem to be the case at all. He has the same cold heart as Akainu. Chapter 1054 What does he plan to do?

In the next chapter, we’ll try to take a stance on this post and possible future events. In addition, Otaku will announce when the new chapter of One Piece, which is Chapter 1054, will come out. Let’s get started without further ado.

One Piece 1053 Genuine Scan – Bonus?

First, we see how worried the 5 elders are about Luffy’s new “Wanted” poster and the letter “D.” Information about how the two emperors lost spreads all over the world. The three pirate captains who were responsible for the theft each got a huge reward of three billion berries, which had never been done before. Kidd rushed to Huadu to meet Luffy. Aside from the Gold Cup, all kinds of straw hats, including our new straw hat Yamato, are partying at Hanadu. While this is going on, Robin is in the basement of the castle. Hitetsu tells her that he has always been Kozuki Sukiyaki when they meet there.

She asked him where the standard weapon Hades was. Robin knew that was what Ponegliff talked about in the book Alabasta. Kozuki Sukiyaki said that the gun was in fact helping him. Every country spreads fear about where beast pirates like kings and queens live. His face was shown and he was called Aro Mu. He planned to cut off Luffy’s head. In Huadu, Luffy goes to a party. Kidd then shows up with murder on his mind and tells Luffy that he doesn’t know what happened but that Luffy and Bucky the Joker have become the new emperors of the ocean. Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy, and Bucky are the 4 emperors at the moment.

I hope that the new chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1054, will also show how many different straw hats Yamato has. After seeing Luffy’s answer, the other straw hats were called the “priceless new emperor.” Also, the sudden Buggy is sometimes called the new emperor. At the very least, we wish there was a web page where he could tell his answer or story. Will likely be nicer to look at than the others. Araki plans to kill in order to get the reward from Admiral Akainu. People have come up with a lot of ideas about him, but hey, let’s not say not at all. He might be Zorro’s father, but he is a bad guy.

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