Photos of Babysitter’s Real Face Allegedly AFI’s Marriage Actors are being gossiped about, the abdomen is also highlighted?

Mawar AFI vs. Ex-Husband: The figure of Susi who is suspected of being the babysitter who took Mawar AFI’s husband is nonetheless reaping scorn. After discussing her actual face, Susi’s abdomen was also in the public highlight.
The figure of Susi, a former babysitter who works for the Mawar AFI family, is being mentioned. Married to Mawar’s ex-husband, Steno Ricardo, Susi is even rumored to be the actor who seizes other folks.
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Since then, Susi continues to be mentioned. Not most effective unexpected as a result of she is most effective 19 years old, Susi is even thought to be identical to the figure of Nissa Sabyan.

“#Seriously guys, if you’re cheating, why do you like looking for bad ones? why do you always downgrade,” stated Netter. “Like the ns, small people like men, eh,” stated the netter. “The 2nd Nissa sabinun,” exclaimed the netter.

On the different hand, netizens also had time to talk about a close-up model of Susi’s face, each throughout marriage and prior to marriage. After seeing the unique model of the face prior to making up, the netter made a giant satire.

“Beautiful, the original make-up is b*r**,” stated the netter. “The aura is still a babu aura,” stated the netter. “The aura of the babu is still very thick, bestie ,” stated every other.

Not most effective that, netizens had been suspected of flicking Susi’s abdomen. Quoted from, netizens allegedly mentioned Susi’s bloated abdomen, aka distended.

Interestingly, Mawar also commented when she was despatched photos of Susi prior to and after make-up. Not a lot to say, Mawar most effective wrote the phrases “MashaAllah”.

Regarding rumors about marriage with Steno, Susi has thus far selected to stay silent. On the different hand, Steno has vehemently denied that he had an affair with Susi.

“I want to clarify the news in the media that alleges that I have committed an affair. I reiterate that the allegations are not true and I have never committed the alleged affair,” stated Steno. “Before finally getting married again on Monday (21 February 2022), my ex-wife and I-Ms. Mawar Dhimas-has been officially divorced since January 11, 2022 (decided by PA Depok on December 7, 2021).”

However, Mawar did not settle for and revealed unexpected facts. He stated that Steno had already been hyping about marrying Susi in entrance of his buddies.

“In December you told your friends you wanted to marry Usi. December, we haven’t hit the hammer (divorce) yet,” stated Mawar. “I didn’t say that you two were cheating on me, but what do you mean by taaruf? People had obviously lived together. You two often go together! Want a witness? Lots.”

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