“Poor Cate”: MasterChef fans are upset as Cate gets eliminated in Episode 5

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On MasterChef Season 12, episode 5, sadly, it was the end of the road for Cate after she presented the judges with an undercooked and raw dish. MasterChef returned for another appetizing episode on Wednesday night. Titled Winners Mystery Box: Spirit of Vegas, this week the contestants battled it out against each other in the season’s first mystery box challenge. The stakes were very high as they faced elimination.

While many contestants took the savory route with their dishes, a few decided to impress the judges with desserts.

One among them was Cate. The contestant received bourbon as her choice of spirit in the mystery box challenge, and decided to go with a a spiced stonefruit cake with a bourbon vanilla bean caramel sauce.

She didn’t have enough time to put the cake in the oven, and didn’t want to serve the judges a raw, undercooked cake. As a last minute plan, she decided to deconstruct her cake and try to use the bits that were salvageable.

Sadly, it turned out to be a disaster. Cate’s undercooked cake got her a spot in the bottom three. After a quick delibaration, the judges made up their minds. The contestant who was eliminated was Cate.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to share that they were upset by her elimination.

Fans sad that Cate was sent home in MasterChef Season 12 Episode 5

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed they were sad and upset that the talented chef was eliminated.

How did Cate get eliminated on MasterChef season 12 episode 5?

Episode 5 of MasterChef: Back To Win featured the contestants going face-to-face against each other in a mystery box challenge. It was curated by Season 7 winner Shaun O’Neal. They were required to prepare three identical dishes using the spirits they received in their boxes.

Cate revealed she was preparing a spiced stonefruit cake with a bourbon vanilla bean caramel sauce, a creme fresh chantilly cream and macerated plums.

Borboun was the choice of spirit that every other contestant wanted. Cate shared that she was lucky to get it. Gordon Ramsay asked the chef why she decided to go with a dessert because bourbon could go both ways. Cate shared that she was a savoury chef and that’s what she knew and loved to do. But she decided not to play it safe and stand in the shadows.

The judges were worried because Cate had only 30 minutes left, but her cake hadn’t gone into the oven yet. But time was quick to catch up with Cate. As time neared the end, and Cate removed her cake from the oven, she noticed that it was still undercooked and raw.

She had no time to prepare anything else, and had to make do with what she had. Unfortunately, her dish was raw and uncooked. Looking at Cate’s plate, Gordon shared that it looked like someone had already eaten out of it. The judges shared that the cake tasted crispy in some parts and raw in others. Aaron shared that there were a lot of technical mishaps in her dish.

The MasterChef contestant was joined by Dara and Tommy in the bottom three. But unfortunately, she’s the one that ended up getting eliminated. She was a semi-finalist on Season 8 of MasterChef, but her time came to an early end this season.

More details on what happened this week on MasterChef Season 12 Episode 5

With Cate being eliminated, Tommy dodged another bullet this week. The contestant found himself in the bottom three again for the second time in a row. The judges were not pleased with his dish. But since Cate’s dish was undercooked, he was saved. Dara also escaped elimination despite her cake being dry after her caramel sauce crystalized and couldn’t be added to her dish.

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