Rafa Kalimann enjoys the sun and enjoys the beach in Rio de Janeiro

On Wednesday afternoon (23) the ex-bbb Rafa Kalimann loved the sun and went to experience with pals at Leme beach in Rio de Janeiro, the muse posted some data of the day .: Enjoying the sun of Rio de Janeiro, the influencer and presenter Rafa Kalimann enjoys the afternoon of Wednesday (23), at the beach with pals. Follow Wikistardom for more superstar, leisure & Hollywood updates.

A way lover, she opted for the blue tie-dye curtain bikini model.
On her social media, she shared some moments.
“Leme, RJ”, she captioned the put up.
Fans have been complete of reward for the ex-bbb.
“For God’s sake, what a beautiful thing”, “Dangerous indeed, it stole my heart”, wrote netizens.

Rafa Kalimann enjoys the sun and enjoys the beach in Rio de Janeiro - 1

It is not the first time that the muse is observed taking part in the stunning seashores of Rio de Janeiro, drawing more consideration from the lovers are the selected bikinis, at all times connected to the latest tendencies, the closing report was a strapless best bikini with animal print, completing with bucket hat that has been the guess in the summer season.

The influencer moved to Rio in early 2021, after being employed through Globo.
The BBB 20 runner-up revealed to her fans that she at all times had a dream of residing in the glorious town, and that now she may just get started her new initiatives.
“I arrived in RJ.
Happy to have a new home here, I love moving, living in a new city (even more one I always wanted to live in) with another lifestyle,” she wrote at the time.

She is these days the latest presenter of the chat with eradicated from bbb 22, which was in the past commanded through Ana Clara. The program follows the similar structure as sooner than, receiving the eradicated ones and gazing the videos that almost all marked the trajectory in the sport, even so Rafa remains to be the goal of grievance, and this hiring nonetheless divides evaluations. “The sadness that turned the bbb network with Rafa kaliman is not written right?!”, wrote an web person. “You are having a pure tantrum with Rafa Kalimann, on the bbb network the girl welcomes the people and you think it’s bad, if she jokes you think so too… how do you do it?”, reported every other web person.

Even in the face of grievance, the presenter has been appearing how thankful she is to be section of the staff.
“I get immersed in this game that gets us so involved and it’s very challenging to live the other side.
I am so grateful that the production entrusts me with such an important program for the bbb”, she thanked her on her social community.

Featured Photo: Rafa Kalimann.
Playback / Instagram.

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