Rahma Azhari’s answer hits when asked when to return to Indonesia again

: Although living in America, Rahma Azhari seems to follow the development of Indonesia. Regarding the recent controversy over the Minister of Religion, Ayu Azhari’s sister also spoke up.
Rahma Azhari has now decided to live in America. This decision was taken after Rahma married a man named Paris Chong. Rahma and Paris married modestly at Van Nuys City Hall, Los Angeles, California.
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The figure of Paris was not arbitrary. He is a famous Hollywood actor and producer. Although the age difference is 7 years, this is not a big thing. Rahma and Paris’ household runs quite harmoniously.

Even though she lives in America, Ayu Azhari’s sister is still following developments in Indonesia. Recently he took part in highlighting the controversial statement by the Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas regarding the call to prayer.

This can be seen when one netizen asked Rahma when he would return to Indonesia. The answer of the movie star “[m=Seduction of Curious Spirits” is quite striking.

“When asked, ‘Ma Rahmat, when are you coming back to Indo and when are you shooting again?’” Rahma wrote in her upload. “If there is no call to prayer, I don’t want to go home “

In just a short time, Rahma’s upload immediately made netizens excited. Netizens seem to agree with Rahma’s opinion. While some other netizens were even made to focus on Rahma’s beautiful face.

“Brother, I’m updating Indonesian news, even though I’m not staying in Indonesia 😍😍,” commented the account owner @vit***_shu. “Please update from social media hehe ,” replied Rahma friendly. “Inshallah, the call to prayer will sound melodiously, my dear ,” replied the account @ardh *** a_dk. “Amen, Inshaallah ❤️,” replied Rahma again.

“So beautiful❤️,” replied the account @ray***isha. “It’s too cute, I can’t play it back 😍❤️,” praised the account @nuru***wg29. “The definition of cute without filler etc. 😍,” added the account @wen***nuri. “Totally agree 🔥🔥 stay safe and healthy sis cancik ❤️❤️,” said the account @ervd***nd99 who also commented.

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