‘Red: Growing Up is a Beast’: First Impressions Point to a New Pixar CLASSIC

Word is that ‘Red: Growing Up is a Beast’ sounds like a new Pixar vintage, with the tale transitioning from youth to formative years, additionally including a huge dose of the studio’s fantastical lyrical content material. Follow Wikistardom for more updates.

The upcoming film will focal point on a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl coping with her body adjustments, then again one thing unexpected occurs and she transforms into a large pink panda each time she will get excited or wired.

The movie hits Disney Plus on March eleventh, however seeing the first reactions from some critics and retailers below, it seems like Pixar has nailed it as soon as once more.

“Red is nothing short of exceptional. My *NSYNC-loving self was dancing to the soundtrack. I squealed with joy when a character shouted “THANK YOU CTHULHU”. But what stunned me was how overtly the film mentioned puberty, menstruation and the complexities of mother-daughter relationships.”

“I’m sitting here after watching Red trying to put my initial reaction into words, and all I can think about is… I think the movie is going to be a sensation. I feel like we’re in a lull before the storm. The red panda storm.”

“I just LOVED Red! A wonderful coming-of-age story about the complexity of growing up, embracing yourself and learning to let children find their own way. The animation is a perfect fusion of eastern and western influences, and director Domee Shi is the future.”


“Wow, Red is just wonderful! I had a huge smile on my face for most of the session (until I got those Pixar tears). A film about dealing with family and generational burdens and pressures, which is also super funny and a total joy to watch.”

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