Regretful Parents Reddit Viral On Twitter – Recent Story and Discussions Detail Explained

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Regretful Parents Reddit Viral On Twitter – Recent Story and Discussions Detail Explained: We have received news that a famous social media influencer, Danielle Eilers has found out that her husband, Chase Eilers has cheated on her. This made her leave home and move out to Dallas where her parents and sister’s family live. She is an influencer hailing from the city of Nebraska. She makes her content on food and shares her recipes and her life with kids on her social media profile. In this article, we will be talking about the life of the social media celebrity and the cheating incident with her husband. Let’s get started. Follow More Updates On

Who is Danielle Eilers?

As mentioned above, Danielle is an influencer on social media and hails from Nebraska. She has been the vice president of Eilers Machine and Welding and has also been the manager (HR) for the company since 2014.

She has attained her degree in Psychology from Purdue University. She also has a sibling who is a famous influencer as well. Her name is Daryl Ann Denner.

Danielle has more than 160k followers on her Instagram account and shares recipes and her daily life with kids. The thing that got her the fame was the daily stories of her life.

The cheating incident

It was only a few days ago when she was sharing pictures of her family and was looking at her happy family. After some time, the fans were heartbroken at the fact that the husband was a cheat and had broken her heart.

She had also posted that her husband, Chase Eilers had cheated on her but the post is no longer available. Currently, she has moved out of her home and taken her children with her, and shifted to Dallas.

There are reports that say that she has rented a home near her parents’ home in Dallas. She found out only a while ago about the cheating and moved out as soon as she got the wind of it.

She has shared the photos of her new house on her Instagram account and posted a brief room tour. She also stated that she will be moving in soon. Her kids are staying currently at her sister’s house before they move in. This was because they rushed out of the house and did not have enough time for packing. They are looking forward to staying in their new home soon.

There is not yet information if they are getting a divorce or not but we will update it as soon as it is officially revealed.

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