Ricky Dubose Sentenced To Death For Killing Two Corrections Officers

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Ricky Dubose killed two prison guards and then ran away, but the jury found him guilty and gave him the death penalty for his terrible crime.

Who Is Ricky Dubose?

He is known for killing people and has been doing bad things in Putnam County, Atlanta, for a long time. In particular, he was arrested in 2015 for a robbery with a gun and an attack in Elbert County. In particular, he had been in a prison in Georgia for 20 years.

On the other hand, Dubose and another prisoner named Rowe got away from the bus on June 13, 2017, in Putnam County, Atlanta. Also, he got out of his handcuffs, ran through a gate at the front of the bus that wasn’t locked, and fired his gun at the two officers.

Is Ricky Dubose Facing Death Penalty?

He also took the officer’s gun and shot Monica, the guard, and Billue, the driver, in the head. The brutal killings were caught on CCTV, and thirty other prisoners saw them happen.

Ricky Dubose is known for killing people and being a criminal. In the past few years, he has done bad things all over the state and has gone to jail more than once for it. In particular, he killed two guards who were doing their jobs and then ran away from the prison bus on June 13, 2017.

He said that he didn’t plan to attack and kill the officer because the guards didn’t lock the prisoner’s handcuffs twice. Also, the officer didn’t lock the bus’s doors. He also took a green Honda from its driver after killing two police officers. But two of his neighbors held the police officer and his wife at gunpoint in Tennessee.

Ricky Dubose was facing the death penalty on Thursday because he killed two police officers on June 13, 2017. The jury all agreed that he should be put to death. Also, the jury found another prisoner, Donnie Rowe, guilty of murder and gave him a life sentence without the chance to get out.

On the other hand, Ricky’s lawyer asked the jury to think of him as mentally ill or intellectually disabled and spare him the death penalty. But the prosecutors didn’t believe the defense’s statement and said Ricky was a smart and planned killer.

A relative of a correctional officer was happy with the death penalty because it made them feel better. Also, other prison guards were happy that Ricky Dubose was given the death penalty.

Ricky Dubose’s wife is still a mystery because he hasn’t talked about his family in public in the years since. In the meantime, many people wonder where his wife and children are now.

But, for security reasons, the officer hasn’t shared any information about his family in public. On the other hand, many criminals always try to keep their family lives private and out of the public eye.

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