Rizky Billar’s son apparently prefers to be called Al-Fatih, reacts this way when he hears the word ‘Anjay’

: Not child L, Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora’s kids, Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar apparently prefers being called ‘Al-Fatih’ so they appear to smile.
The couple Rizky Billar and Lesti Andryani or Lesty Kejora are now taking part in their new function as parents. Because those two lovebirds have simply been blessed with their first kid.
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Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora had been blessed with a son named Muhammad Leslar Al-Fatih Billar. Both Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora are diligent in sharing their moments of togetherness with their child who’s generally called child L.

Like lately, Rizky Billar was noticed importing a video when taking part in with child L. However, in the video, child L turns out to be happier when called through the identify Al-Fatih.

“Brother L,” first of all stated Lesty and Rizky Billar. “Brother Fatih or brother L? Al-Fatih huh?” requested Lesty who was instantly greeted through a large smile through her son.

“Oh, I want to be called Al-Fatih,” stated Rizky Billar. “He called Fatih, brother? Yes? Yes, sir,” stated Lesty, including.

Before lengthy, Rizky Billar apparently invited child L to sing. But all at once he stated the word “Anjay” in entrance of his son.

“Try to sing first, son. Looking at you, anjay. Come on, son, hurry up, kid,” stated Rizky Billar, who appeared to be disliked through child L. “You can’t, papa, I don’t want to,” stated Lesty.

“It’s revealed in this video that brother L likes what he’s called and doesn’t like the ‘word’,” wrote Rizky Billar in the caption, Wednesday (23/2).

Netter turns out to be very excited about the child L video. Especially when he noticed child L smile when he was called Al-Fatih through Lesty Kejora.

“The gemes are merciful,” wrote the account @el*****39. “Masyaallah tabarakallah, brother L gemoyy,” commented the @su*****an account.

“Guanteng exceeds his father,” praised the account @ma******24. “Masyaallah my gembul is smart,” added the netter to the account @bu******ga.

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