Rohimah, the ex-wife of Kiwil, allegedly remarried to a Turkish man, the children give her blessing?

: Rohimah flew to Turkey allegedly to get married. Rohimah is known as Kiwil’s ex-wife who have been married for 17 years and formally divorced in early 2021.
Rohimah, Kiwil’s ex-wife, returns with sudden news. After Rommy Halley, his former lover, died in January 2022, Rohimah was reportedly married.
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The allegation began with Eva Belisima’s phrases which indicated that Rohimah was satisfied. “Mother, I’m so happy for you to hear this news. All right there, Mother. You deserve to be happy, it’s time for you to be happy,” mentioned Eva by means of InstaStory.

On Wednesday (23/2), Rohimah introduced her departure by means of announcing good-bye to her children. Rohimah it seems that went to Turkey. “Bismillah, continue ORDU GIRESUN TURKEY,” defined Rohimah on InstaStory.

Chinta Tanjung additionally gave a code referring to Rohimah’s satisfied day, which Kiwil had polygamous for 17 years and formally divorced in early 2021. “Fii amanillah mbakuu. Healthy blessing happy. Wow, I can’t wait for the happy moment,” mentioned Chinta.

Rumors of Rohimah remarrying changed into even brighter after a quantity of photos of her with a man circulated. A host of congratulations had been additionally written, together with from Rohimah and Kiwil’s children, Rizky Arnanda Delta and Rizka Ardinda.

“Happy for u mom,” wrote Nanda. “Thank you, my pious son,” answered Rohimah.

“Alhamdulillah, it’s legal, bun, stay happy there, take care of your health too. See you soon,” wrote Rizka. “Thank you my pious dear for the prayer,” mentioned Rohimah once more.

Rohimah allegedly married a middle-aged man from Turkey. But till now, Rohimah has not overtly dismantled her marriage.

“Barakallah,” mentioned Rohimah in the early hours of Friday (25/2) by means of together with a tune with the lyrics “God willing, I will keep my honor as your companion”.

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