Sad to see Mr. Reluctant to not get BPJS assistance, Deddy Corbuzier immediately sends a wad of money

: Deddy Corbuzier supplies monetary help for Mr. Ogah who’s these days suffering with a blockage in his mind. He was unhappy to know that Pak Ogah did not obtain BPJS help.
Pak Ogah’s situation, affected by a blockage in the mind, made Deddy Corbuzier heartbroken to assist. Moreover, mentioned Mr. Ogah’s spouse, Yuyun Widyawati, they did not get BPJS help to simply ease clinic prices.
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“There is no money, for Pak Ogah’s life there is no income other than dubbing at Unyil,” mentioned Yuyun Widyawati on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel, Thursday (24/2).

Not a few times have Pak Ogah’s family struggled with money when bringing the artist for remedy. Deddy additionally mentioned that Pak Ogah’s spouse have been in arrears of BPJS for 5 years. Again as a result of they do not have the money to pay it off. Meanwhile, the money for day-to-day residing for Mr. Ogah’s family is already tricky sufficient.

“So the problem is, they don’t have the money to pay BPJS. Well, this is weird. BPJS’s goal is to help the people, but they don’t have the money to pay for BPJS. So who is responsible for this? Who is the government in charge of this?” mentioned Deddy.

Not essentially silent, Deddy Corbuzier additionally despatched his crew to consult with Pak Ogah’s space without delay to supply help. Unmitigated, Azka Corbuzier’s father gave a wad of money that was stored in a brown envelope for Mr. Ogah’s family.

“I sent a team close the door and Indonesia Definitely Able to meet directly with Pak Ogah. Ask what happened and provide assistance,” mentioned Deddy Corbuzier.

Deddy additionally defined why he did not without delay supply the help to Mr. Ogah. That’s as a result of he has a trauma when he has to consult with the unwell. Deddy Corbuzier defined that he as soon as accompanied his unwell parents. It harm his emotions.

“I don’t like coming to sick people because I have trauma,” mentioned Deddy Corbuzier. “Seeing that, I was very sad.”

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