SEVENTEEN’s Dino Decides To Change His Lifestyle To Feel The Impact Of Better Health

: SEVENTEEN’s Dino has proven how his body condition gets better when he decides to change a healthier lifestyle such as exercising and many more. Listen, come on!
SEVENTEEN (II)’s maknae charm, Dino, has amazed fans. How not, behind his perfect visuals, Dino also has an enviable secret.
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Dino, the youngest member of SEVENTEEN recently participated in a photo shoot with Elle. This photoshoot showcases Dino’s various charms, and fans can get a good look at the serious, passionate, and fun side of their idol.

In a way, this is a photoshoot showing off his first solo appearance. Coupled with highlighting her dewy skin and shine from any angle it catches the eye.

The reason why Dino was starring in this beauty photoshoot was because of the beauty items he had lovingly recommended. Previously, he recommended fans to use Bioderma PP Balm. It became a hot topic that made him chosen for this photo shoot.

In the interview, Dino talked about healthy habits. Recently, she has been taking care of her skin as well as continuing to exercise and make healthy eating choices.

“When I change my lifestyle habits one by one, I feel very healthy. Since then, I have not forgotten to regularly take care of my health,” he later said.

Then Dino added that he plans to continue his healthy lifestyle. This of course has an impact on Dino’s fitness as an idol where the results can be seen how he has an athletic and proportional body.

Besides, SEVENTEEN’s Japanese special single “Power of Love” topped the chart at number 1 on the Oricon daily singles chart. Even the special single continued to top the chart for six consecutive days.

In fact, “Power of Love” was released in December 2021 and has now also reached #1 on the Oricon weekly chart and the combined weekly chart.

Meanwhile, there is no news on when SEVENTEEN will release their newest work. However, it seems that this one group will continue to provide the latest comeback with various surprises as usual.

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