Discover Shylily’s True Identity On Twitch

Shylily has revealed her real name is Lilly, yet she has kept her face hidden. She developed an electronic personality character based on her ancestors’ traditions.

In 2022, the Twitch sensation will be 26 years old. Her height is 4 feet and 10 inches, and she weighs around 49 kg. Her hair is dark brown, and her eyes are brown.

Twitch Star Shylily  face revelaed on Instgram
Twitch Star Shylily face revelaed on Instgram

On the other hand, her electronic avatar is an anime whale with long back hair and white accents. Her body is covered in ancient scars; her favorite outfit is a blue bathrobe.

Her backstory is emotional since she was a young girl playing in a winter forest when she fell lost in the darkness.

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Has Shylily’s Face Been Revealed On Instagram?

Shylily, a Twitch celebrity, has yet to reveal her identity. Shylily, a computer-generated personality, was created by Lilly, a creator-illustrator. According to accounts, she was born in Germany but later moved to Denmark.

She picked the Netherlands for her post-graduate studies, and she and her cat, Mana, recently relocated there. She displayed a piece of her face in July 2021, demonstrating how she appeared when vtubing.

Because she hasn’t uploaded it, we don’t know if it’s her or a stock photo from the internet. If the image is authentic, she is a Caucasian young woman with light brown hair and tiny fingers.

On the other hand, her virtual self is an anime orca with white streaks on her back hair. Her preferred attire is a blue gown, and she bears historical scars on her body.

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Details To Know More About Shylily’s Wikipedia

Shylily was born in Germany to a German family. Her date of birth and zodiac sign are currently unavailable. Lily is her actual name.

However, there is no information about her parents or siblings in the public forum. Like any other Vtuber, she desires to keep her personal information private. Her marital status is unmarried, and her current relationship status is single.

Twitch Star Shylily
Twitch Star Shylily

The vlogger has over 200k subscribers and uploads every day from Monday to Friday. Shylily has had roughly 200 viewers and has broadcast for 91 hours and 40 minutes last month.

Lily has a YouTube channel with the same name as her. On this channel, she usually uploads Twitch live stream highlights. She also occasionally uploads various types of compilations.

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