Sion Jenkins Wife Christina Ferneyhough

Sion Jenkins and Christina Ferneyhough met when he was imprisoned and later got married. While he was in jail, the lady was the one who recorded his activities.

Christina was the one who took home the crown at the Miss Southsea Beauty Queen contest.

Sion Jenkins and Christina Ferneyhough
Sion Jenkins and Christina Ferneyhough (source :

Sion Jenkins’ wife, Christina Ferneyhough, wed the prisoner on the assumption that he was not guilty. 

She made every effort to assist Jenkins in getting out of prison even though she knew that everyone was against him.

The couple is insistent on receiving compensation for the injustices they suffered due to the miscarriage of justice.

Sion Jenkins Daughters Now

When Bellie was killed by an iron equipment attack in 1997, the prisoner lived in Hastings with his ex-wife Lois and four daughters.

The detailed information regarding Sion’s biological daughters is still unknown.

Photo of Billie-Jo Jenkins
Photo of Billie-Jo Jenkins (source :

On the other hand, Billie-Jo Jenkins, Sion’s foster daughter, was raised in East London initially.

Billie was placed in foster care because her mother could not care for herself and her father was in prison.

Where Is Sion Jenkins Now?

Together with his new wife, Sion Jenkins currently resides in Hampshire.

In 2005, he wed his current spouse after divorcing his first wife, Lois.

Jenkins enjoys strolling along the seafront on the south coast, where he was a criminology student.

Did Sion Jenkins Kill Billie Jo?

Sion Jenkins, 63, was found guilty in 1997 of killing his foster daughter Billie-Jo Jenkins. However, after two unsuccessful retrials, he was eventually found not guilty.

Billie-Jo Jenkins, a schoolgirl from Sussex, was killed 25 years ago at her home by an iron tent peg. Her case has grown to be one of the most well-known unsolved homicides in the UK.

After returning from a shopping trip with two of his kids, Annie and Charlotte, Sion informed the police that he had discovered Billie-Jo lying in a pool of blood on the patio.

The most contentious evidence included microscopic blood droplets discovered on Sion’s cloth.

More On Billie Jo Case

Sion Jenkins’ children and Billie Jo’s friends said that Sion was abusive and had punished them physically as they were growing up.

Billie Jo’s school friends said that she revealed to them that Sion had struck her, scratched her neck, and once showed up to class with blood on her face.

According to her schoolmates, she would frequently arrive at school with bruises on her arms and legs, stating they resulted from fights with her father.

They testified that Billie Jo once wrote “Hate” and “I hate my dad” on her knuckles.

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